Mad Hot Ballroom (2005)

Mad Hot Ballroom Cast
Heather Berman Heather Berman Herself
Emma Therese Biegacki Emma Therese Biegacki Herself
Eva Carrozza Eva Carrozza Herself
Evangelina Carrozzo Evangelina Carrozzo Herself
Paul Daggett Paul Daggett Himself
Graciela Daniele Graciela Daniele Herself - Judge
Pierre Dulaine Pierre Dulaine Himself - Organizer and MC of the Final Dance Competition
Tara Devon Gallagher Tara Devon Gallagher Herself
Madeleine Hackney Madeleine Hackney Herself
Charlotte Jorgensen Charlotte Jorgensen Final Competition Judge
Rodney Lopez Rodney Lopez Himself
Victoria Malvagno Victoria Malvagno Herself
Stacee Mandeville Stacee Mandeville Herself
Nell Mooney Nell Mooney Herself
Daniel Ponickly Daniel Ponickly Himself
Danielle Quisenberry Danielle Quisenberry Herself
Ann Reinking Ann Reinking Herself
Yomaira Reynoso Yomaira Reynoso Herself
Allison Sheniak Allison Sheniak Herself
Solomon Singer Solomon Singer Himself
Mad Hot Ballroom Directors
Marilyn Agrelo Marilyn Agrelo Director
Mad Hot Ballroom Writers
Amy Sewell Amy Sewell Writer

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