Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Review

“Fire In Belly Animation Film”

October 11th, 2012

Directed by Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath and Conrad vernon.

Main Voice overs: Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, Jessica Chastain

DreamWorks dreams big in this film. The direction is not single handed, but triple. The writing does not fade, but quite  impresses. The jinx of third film getting clunkier is broken. The best thing is all of this feat gives necessary fun to every generation of audience. Madagascar 3 sets up from where it was left. The last scene of the 2nd film showing monkeys and penguins, going off in a mechanical jet setter is the beginning of the 3rd film. Looks like Darnell wanted to remind audience of the six year gap. Then a disturbing dream, a hope and chase fun with the evil most cop, who is on the trail to catch Alex the Lion voiced by Ben Stiller is evident that, films like this have an ambition. I would call it, freaking fun.

The group of friends Alex the Lion, Zebra, Rhino and Giraffe after a successful master plan of catching the penguins, escapes from Monte Carlo casino while the cops are on trail. After a bit lengthy chase scene, enters another group of circus animals, with a ferocious and fearful Tiger and Gia a calm lioness voiced by Chastain. After a difficult lie and failed attempt to win in a circus act,Alex leads the troop teaching them skills, giving them confidence. But he is burdened with pain cheating them, meanwhile slowly develops attraction from Gia and learns a truth about the Tiger. His dream of reaching home, NY zoo is his reason behind all the circus acts. Jumping from place to place with circus animals, is clearly because he wants to reach home. If this painful truth will hurt them, how will Alex manage to convince?

Oh wait! Is it too emotional? Yes indeed , I was happy after the film. Every character though animated gave life to their cent percent. Darnell directs the film with rich visuals and lot of narrative that is so interesting. It would look that after a great start to the film, the so-so climax (though a great feat to the circus acts), impress M 3 does not reach to its height. It is still fun. I was expecting the cobra act from Alex! It was missing and also a natural circus show was missing. It all looked artificial. Let me put straight that, M 3 quite dreams big, but just loses to achieve big. Circus is like Pop dancers and Disco lights with flashes of audience. In 3D it might have certain close up shots, but I feel 2D is still a better version of the film. Europe's Most Wanted animals remain demanded.   B


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  • Eric-Baca • 4 years ago

    There is no store to get movies around us so I was ecstatic when I found I could get Madagascar 3 through Blockbuster at Home! The mail man just brought it and my whole family loved it! I know that the movie is about all four of the friends, but Zebra really steals the show. Chris Rock is totally in his element. If you have not watched it you definitely should. I am lucky that there are no late fees because I let one of the ladies in my office at DISH borrow it today.


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