Made of Honor


"Made of Honor" is a male-driven romantic comedy about a guy (Dempsey) whose dream girl asks him to be her maid of honor. He agrees in an attempt to win her heart.

Michelle Monaghan Is the ‘Made of Honor’

Michelle Monaghan has signed on to star opposite Patrick Dempsey in the romantic comedy, Made of Honor for Columbia Pictures.

Paul Weiland will direct from a screenplay from Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont; the story chronicles the relationship between Tom (Dempsey) and Claire (Monaghan), who have been platonic friends for 10 years. The Hollywood Reporter adds he's a serial dater, while she wants marriage but hasn't found Mr. Right. Just as Tom is starting to think that he's relationship material after all, Claire gets engaged. When she asks Tom to be her "maid" of honor, he reluctantly agrees - only so he can attempt to stop the wedding and woo her before it's too late.

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Patrick Dempsey Becomes the ‘Made of Honor’

Patrick Dempsey is set to star in the romantic comedy, Made of Honor for Sony Pictures.

Production on Made of Honor will begin early May in Los Angeles, New York and Scotland.

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