Made of Honor Review

"This Movie Is "Maid" Strong."

Patrick Dempsy stars as a "Bacheler" type guy living in New York City with a best friend who he's in love with and a father who's been married six or seven times. He also has a rule or rules about dating. No back-to-back date or sex nights. Thats one of my favorties, for some strange reason.

The movie is actually sweet and funny and it actually has a funny plot to it. Patrick Dempsy actually suprises me in this role. He's funny, dramatic, romantic, and bacheloretic. Theres a word i just made up.

The movie is about an hour and a half and it really isnt a waste of time. I would call this a five star winner but it is still a nice movie to watch on a Sunday or Saturday night. If you havent seen this, then i suggest you rent it. It will surprise you because it isnt as bad as you may think.

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