Madea's Big Happy Family Review

“1-800-CHOKE DHATT HOE/A Maintee”

May 3rd, 2011

So like most black people, I myself like Tyler Perry's movies such as Madea's Family Ruion, Why did I get Married 2, Madea Goes To Jail, I can do bad all by myself,For Color Girls,and now to add to the list "Madeas Big Happy". So how did this story of how I saw it well it was saturday night, went to the movie with some friends(that's right I saw this ove Fast 5). As I watched the movie it had it's ups such as being funny, drama, decent acting and of course Madea, as well as it's downs such as un-realistic situations and typical tyler perry twist. After the movie I movie hopped to see it again which I did then I movie hopped too see Dylan Dogg. So let me tell you in the latest issue of "MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS: MONKEYIRON 2.0 REVIEWS MADEA'S BIG HAPPY FAMILY".....

The acting was pretty decent. Bow wow who plays the main character (as the movie constantly uses him as a sub plot.) Bow wow does once again shows off his acting skills when he gets serious when his characters grandmother nearly dies I admit he did showed he's a good actor at that point. But Shannon Kane gets props too for her portrayl of the movies villain who throughout the movie she acts like a total bitch (much of my ex) making the audience completely hate her.Loreta Devine who plays the 3 main characters mothers/grandma who is supposed to be one of the main character but she isn't barelly seen in most of the movie. Cassie Davis who plays Madea's once partner "n' crime Bam, I admit her character was like a more christian Madea but she smokes weed. I'm like who the helll your a saved christian and you smoke weed. The old spice guy too gets some props as the main characters husband he does too show off his acting skills.But the true main and title character Madea. She plays the superhero in this movie, because her movies and as well her plays she plays superhero and or mentor when saves people from either getting raped (Madea Goes to Jail movie and play) and teaches them to stand up for themselves (all her plays and movies)

The plot/storyline is very comedic moments and as well twisit (good twist not that over the top M. Night Shamaylan twist). The movie sort of teaches you that family is the most important in life and as well to enjoy ever moment of your life because it could be taken for you. But like I said before it doesn't uses realistic moments like when Madea ranned her car through the middle of a resturaunt and starts throwing food at people and she threatens that if they call the police she'll come back, and as usually people will do the smart thing and call the cops but no she doesn't get a arrested; as well the most dissrespectful kids calls his dad a punk ass and a bitch,as well when Bow wow's character golld digging girlfriend tells him to sell dope. But minus those three the movie does give you a good comedic moments and as well morals and drama.

Tyler Perry and I admit is getting better as a director. He knows how to tell a story correctly and he knows how to give us a good laugh. He's actually becoming a good director ever since For color girls movie.

The movies music score is pretty good.

So to tell you the truth Madea is a good dramedy movie withs UPS and downs.

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