Major Matt Mason


The live-action family film about space adventure, with a tentative budget of over $100 million, is based on a Mattel action figure.

Tom Hanks Eyes Director Robert Zemeckis for ‘Major Matt Mason’

Tom Hanks and his Playtone Production company are making Major Matt Mason their next project after Larry Crowne, which opens in early July. Tom Hanks is producing, co-writing, and starring in this outer space adventure, and he is currently in talks with Robert Zemeckis to have his old Cast Away director helm the project.

Major Matt Mason will be shot in 3D, and is based on the 1966 Mattel action figure, an astronuat who lives and works on the moon. The toy line eventually went onto include Mason's three-man crew of civilian astronaut Doug Davis, the blonde and blue-eyed Sgt. Storm, and the African-American Lt. Jeff Long. They eventual team up with the giant alien Captain Lazer to battle the threat of hostile extraterrestrials.

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