Maleficent Reviews

  • Sleeping Beauty reloaded. Maleficent is darker than expected and an incredible visual experience.

    Julian Roman — MovieWeb

  • Maleficent feels classical in nature. The characters are boiled down to their essentials, the humor is timelessly broad, and Jolie's at her best when she's curling her claws and elongating her vowels like a black-sabbath Tallulah Bankhead.

    Keith Staskiewicz — Entertainment Weekly

  • I'm still not sure if the movie's smack-down between patriarchy and matriarchy is the way to go, but at least nobody here is warbling about what she wants before hitting the road to self-actualization.

    Manohla Dargis — New York Times

  • It fails to live up to its early promise, mostly because of an uneven tone and murky character development.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • For all its limitations, "Maleficent" manages to be improbably entertaining to watch, due solely to its title character.

    Ann Hornaday — Washington Post

  • While this is Jolie's show, obviously - and she's terrifically arch - the surprising dearth of other compelling characters doesn't offer much distraction when things get off track.

    Tom Russo — Boston Globe

  • Angelina Jolie is so wickedly enchanting in the magical, magnificent "Maleficent," you may not notice how transporting this female-driven blockbuster really is.

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • Suffocatingly elaborate yet insufficiently bewitching.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • As for the screenplay, by Linda Woolverton, it treads carefully, and all too kindly, in the footsteps of "Wicked" ...

    Anthony Lane — New Yorker

  • [It lacks] the sort of nightmarish visions that made Walt Disney's early animation features so powerful. This looks impressive, though, making use of highly imaginative, state-of-the-art 3-D effects while still evoking old-school Disney animation

    Ben Sachs — Chicago Reader

  • In the blood-red lipstick and midnight-black gown and cowl of her Sleeping Beauty antecedent, Jolie's Maleficent is magnificent.

    Steven Rea — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • Like Sleeping Beauty lying in her coma, "Maleficent" is mesmerizing to behold, and hard to fully embrace.

    Kristin Tillotson — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • Children of all ages should be dazzled.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • Jolie's performance so overshadows the rest of the cast (and the rest of the movie) that you sometimes feel as if the other characters are, like us, just standing around watching her.

    Bill Goodykoontz — Arizona Republic

  • Robert Stromberg's visually stunning if narratively predictable debut feature.

    New York Observer

  • Uncertain of tone, and bearing visible scarring from what one imagines were multiple rewrites, the film fails to probe the psychology of its subject or set up a satisfying alternate history, but it sure is nice to look at for 97 minutes.

    Andrew Barker — Variety

  • It's often arresting to look at, but never has a strong sense of where it wants to go.

    Sara Stewart — New York Post

  • [Stromberg] is more about visuals than storytelling, and that lack of cohesion costs Maleficent where it counts.

    Linda Barnard — Toronto Star

  • It's a technological marvel starring the world's biggest celebrity: the full weight of Hollywood spectacle incarnate.

    Eric Kohn — indieWIRE

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