Mamma Mia! Review

"You Can Dance! You Can Jive! Having The Time Of Your Life! See That Girl! Watch That Scene! Dig In The Dancing Queen!"

Alright, so ever since I saw the trailer for "Mamma Mia!" back before it even hit theaters, I knew that there were three reasons that I absolutely HAD TO SEE THIS MOVIE! The first reason is the simple fact that I am a HUGE Pierce Brosnan fan, so his presence in the movie made me feel obligated to see the movie, anyway. Second thing is, ABBA is one of my favorite bands, and the fact that this movie is pretty much nothing BUT ABBA songs, I, of course, NEEDED to see it. The third and final thing that made me HAVE to see this movie is the fact that I am a big Musical fan. In fact, my all time favorite movie EVER is a musical, and you all of course know that that movie is "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street," which, if you ask me, will probably never be beaten in it's awesomeness, but there was a musical that took the number four spot in my all time favorite movies spot, and that is the epic, "Moulin Rouge," which I recommend you see. Well, taking the number five spot on my top five list of favorite movies ever, is this movie! That's right, "Mamma Mia!" has made it's way into my all time favorites! This really is a movie that is worth your time, and all of those people that trash this movie without having even seen it, can piss off. Don't diss something until you've seen it. This REALLY is a movie that you should give a chance before you diss it. I will admit it might not be for everyone, though. lolz!

The director of this movie is a woman who has only directed one other thing, and it was some TV movie. Don't hold that against her, however, because this movie really hits the audiences hard. It's a truly happy story, and it's one that leaves you feeling good inside after you've seen it. Anyway, this director is a woman named Phyllida Lloyd. She does a brilliant job of making this musical, and turning it into a movie. It's something that can sometimes work, and then sometimes it doesn't. I mean, if you look at "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street" and "Hairspray," those did really well of turning into a movie, whereas "Grease 2" was an abomination that should not have been made. lolz! The writer for this film wrote both the screenplay, AND the music book, and her name is Catherine Johnson. She does a great job at adapting this for the big screen. I don't know if she exactly had anything to do with the stage version of this musical, but I know that the movie adaptation that she has made for us, is completely stunning, and utterly spectacular! The director and writer BOTH did a great job with this movie, and make a movie that is DEFINITELY worth your while!

The visuals of this movie are stunning. It's not a movie that relishes itself in having giant monsters or intense action sequences. No, it's not that type of awesome visual movie. The visuals in this movie are much like the visuals in "Moulin Rouge." They're bright, colorful, eccentric, and just outrageously awesome. The outfits in the movie are definitely something to take into consideration. They're completely eccentric, and colorful, and all of the things I just mentioned about the visuals up above. lolz. I also loved the beautiful scenery in the movie. The movie takes place on a Greek Island, and it's surrounded by the Ocean and such. It's VERY beautiful. The Hotel is another thing unto itself. It's got various different rooms and places in it. It's very cool to see, and I loved to watch new places that were hidden appear out of nowhere. It's always awesome to watch these kind of musicals and see all of the different awesome visuals that go along with it. This one, like "Moulin Rouge," is a visual masterpiece, and everything about it aims to please. LOLZ! These visuals REALLY help the storyline along VERY well. The visuals of this movie are definitely something to love and behold. LOLZ!

The storyline of this movie is something that I find to be a nice break from what I am used to. What I mean by this, is that it's an upbeat film. I'm not saying that I'll love these upbeat films always, just saying that my usual favorite, depressing films, can become a bit boring sometimes, and once in a great while (Or a blue moon, whichever you prefer. lolz!) one will pop out that I really liked. Such is the case with "Mamma Mia!" I can't say exactly WHY I loved this movie so much. Maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Street. Maybe it's because I like Musicals. Maybe it's just because I love ABBA music. One thing is for certain, and that this movie is REALLY as good as the commercials made it out to be, which is something that you don't usually find. lolz! Anyway, I also REALLY liked how they played out all of ABBA's famous songs, and turned it into an electrifying musical. It really worked out great, if you ask me. lolz! Anyway, the story is an interesting, twisting, and funny one. A girl does not know who her father is, and upon discovering her mother's journal, finds that there are three potential men. She invites all of them to her wedding, thinking she'll know them straight away, but what she finds is that she got more than she bargained for! This story really sucked me in right away, and I loved every second of it. It might be a major chick flick, but I don't really care. I really enjoyed it for what it was, and that was a great musical. Give it a try before you bash it, is what I say. LOLZ!

Starring in the lead role of this movie, as Sophie Sheridan, the fatherless Bride-to-Be, is a girl named Amanda Seyfried, also known as Karen Smith (The one who had ESPN) from "Mean Girls." Sophie Sheridan is the daughter of Donna Sheridan, a woman who enjoys being busy. Sophie has always excepted the fact that her father walked out on her before he knew Donna was expecting, and that she'd never know who it was. At least, that was until the day that she found her Mother's diary from the year that she was pregnant with Sophie. After reading it, Sophie discovered that she had three possible fathers: Sam Carmichael, Bill Anderson, and Harry Bright. Well, it just so happens that she is getting married to a man named Sky (Played by Dominic Cooper). Sophie invites all three of them, pretending to be her Mother. They all arrive, however, it turns out that Sophie CAN'T tell which is her father, as she had thought to be the case the moment she set eyes on them. Now she has to keep them a secret from her mother, and everyone else except for her two best friends, and also try and keep her Mom happy and help her out. At the same time, she doesn't tell the men why they are there, and why she invited them, but at the same time she feels the need to try and get to know them, since one of them is, of course, her father. However, as she starts to work this out, her Mother finds out, and orders them gone, not knowing who invited them. Now Sophie's got to worry even more, as she tries to keep them there, and have them come to her wedding, while at the same time. She cannot let Sky know either because he'll most likely try to stop her, or even take it the wrong way. He doesn't get why she is so caught up in the whole, "Getting-to-know-my-dad" thing because she has a happy life the way she is now. She juggles all of this around, but doesn't let it get to her because she IS in fact getting to know her fathers, and is happy doing so, but what she doesn't expect, is that it will all backfire into her face, and she could be face with something worse than her intentions..... well..... INTENDED. LOLZ! Amanda Seyfried does a great job as Sophie Sheridan, really bringing life, and not too mention a kick-ass wonderful singing voice, to the characters. She does a great job in singing the ABBA songs, and she really brings this character to life. She adds depth, personality, and cheer to this character, as well as emotion, worry, and feeling, and brings it full circle, for an excellent character, that many men will go gaga for. lolz. You can really feel for her, too, since she's got so much going on, and all she really wants to do is find out who her father is. She was DEFINITELY a great casting choice for this role.

Meryl Streep, known for many different roles, like her role in "The Devil Wears Prada," stars in this movie, of course, as Donna Sheridan, Sophie Sheridan's hard-working, Mother, who doesn't seem to WANT to have any fun in her life any longer. Donna Sheridan runs a huge hotel on a beautiful Greek Island, and though it is tedious work, and she is INCREDIBLY low on money, she loves the job like it was a second child. She doesn't have a relationship because she believes that she is better off without a boyfriend/husband. It is easy to see why, as Sophie sings her song about finding and reading her Mother's diary. Donna was in love with a man named Sam Carmichael, and he left her after a long relationship because he was engaged. She was broken because she thought he was the one. Then she met Bill, and they had a great time, and soon after, she met Harry again, and THEY had a great time. Soon after they were all gone, though, she found out that she was pregnant, and would have to raise her daughter all on her own. She does well though, and in the process, she slips inside herself, and becomes a lonely woman. Soon, though, her Daughter gets engaged, and though she doesn't exactly approve completely, she throws Sophie the big white wedding that she wanted, and invites all her friends. She's sad to see Sophie all grown up, but she deals with it, and lets her daughter have the best day of her life. But unbeknownst to Donna, Sophie has schemed, and now Sam, Bill, and Harry are all on the island, and she's faced with old doors that she didn't think she'd have to face again. It's tearing her apart to see Sam again, the man whom she really loved, but she boots them from the island, and goes about things, even catching up with her old friends Tanya and Rosie, also known as the Dynamos. She goes about things as normal, though it tears her apart, and she really does well holding up, though you can see that she's going to break soon because all of the peace she's worked for on this island, is being called into question. Meryl Streep is one of my all-time favorite actors, and she does a great job in this movie. I never knew she had a set of lungs like she does, but she is one of the best singers that I have ever heard, and this movie only makes me like her more. She does a great job as this dejected, lonesome, and hard-working character, and really brings emotion, depth, and feeling to the character, bringing to life Donna's emotions and everything else about her. She really makes the role fun, and great. She makes it a character that you can feel for, too because she's got this perfect world she's living in, and soon it just begins to crumble, and she struggles hard to just pick up the pieces and continue to go on as she was, though it tears her apart inside. Meryl Streep was DEFINITELY another great casting choice for this movie.

Alright, this is where my review is going to be a bit different. These characters aren't big enough in the movie to put into their own sections of my review, but I'll put them together as one group. This group, I will call "The Dads." The Dads are Sam Carmichael (Played by Pierce Brosnan from "Remington Steel" and the James Bond movies), Bill Anderson (Played by Stellan Skarsgard, best known, perhaps, as "Boot-Strap" Bill Turner from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies), and Harry "Headbanger" Bright (Played by Colin Firth, whom I know from "Nanny McPhee"). Sam Carmichael was deeply in love with Donna, and when he left, he headed back to tell his fiance that it was off. When he returned, though, he found that Donna had already found someone new, and was prancing around the island with him. So he went back, and got married anyway. Bill Anderson is an explorer/wanderer, and he writes stories for a living. Harry Bright seems to have moved on rather similarly to Donna, and is a successful business man. One day, all three of these men get invites to a wedding, sent by Donna they see, and decide to come and see her, due to their relation to her in the old days. As Sam and Harry arrive, they find that they had JUST missed the ferry to the island. As they stand together, talking, and trying to find a way to get to the island, they meet Bill Anderson, who offers to give them both a ride to the island, since that's where he is headed as well. As they go, they get to know each other, and become good friends. They find it incredibly weird that they all had relationships with Donna in some way, but they don't let that get to them, and they enjoy each other's company. When they arrive, they meet Donna's daughter, Sophie, who takes them to the old goat house, instead of the hotel. She tells them that it was she who sent them the invites, and that they're her surprise to her mother, who is apparently ALWAYS talking about them and the good ol' days. The only thing is, is that they cannot let Donna find out that they are there. They agree to it, and go about things. Well, they do until Donna finds them, and orders them gone. They don't exactly leave, rather, they travel around the island, and take Sophie with. They get to know her, and soon find out what a nice girl she is, sharing stories about their relationships with Donna. However, they all, without each other's knowledge of it, begin to see that they're brought here for a reason, and that reason is bigger than anything they could have guessed. All three of these actors do a great job at their parts, and really make the roles pop. Giving them emotions, feelings, worries, and everything else that goes with their respective characters, and they make it an all around good performance. They even make them roles you can feel for, since they're all kind of like pawns in this movie, and don't know exactly why they're there, and then they get pushed around a lot. They were DEFINITELY yet another great casting choice for this movie.

Alright, so this section will be done differently from my normal reviews, for the same reason that the last one was: Because the characters involved in it aren't big enough to have their own sections, but are big enough to need to be mentioned in the review. LOLZ! These I will call "The Dynamos" because of their relation to Donna Sheridan. The Dynamos are Tanya (Played by Christine Baranski, most notably from "The Ref," where she played Connie Chasseur) and Rosie (Played by Julie Walters, known from MANY movies, like the "Harry Potter" series where she played Ron's Mom, Molly Weasley. She was also in another movie with Rupert Grint, that I know of, called "Driving Lessons"). I call these women "The Dynamos" because, in this movie, that's what THEY call themselves. They were back up singers in a "Girl-Power" band called "Donna and the Dynamos." Pretty self-explanatory. Donna was a lead singer, and Tanya and Rosie were the back up singers. Tanya is a rich woman, a serial wife, as Donna calls it. She's been married and divorced three times, and is still rich. She's had a lot of plastic surgery, and is kind of obsessed with herself, but she's funny. Rosie is a gritty author, who doesn't give a rat's ass about anything, really, except what she holds dear to her, like her two best friends: Donna and Tanya. They joke around and have fun together the whole time. However, they soon see that something is bothering Donna, and when she tells them that Sam, Harry, and Bill had all returned, and that one of them might be Sophie's father, though which she didn't know, they begin to try and cheer her up. They see their friend in danger, and immediately begin to try and help. At the same time, the three of them reinstate their old "Girl-Power" band to play for Sophie's bachelorette party. They have great fun, but they can both see that Donna is seriously hurting inside, between these three men returning to her life, and Sophie getting married and growing up, she's being torn up inside. They make it their goal to try and cheer her up, and they do a generally good job of it, too. These two actresses do a great job at this, and really make the characters fun and entertaining. Not to mention, they both have GREAT singing voices, no lie, either. They do a great job with their songs, and acting, and really make these vibrant and funny characters. They really get there character's emotions, feelings, and worries down well, as well as the other things, like quirks and things they do, down VERY well, and just make the characters awesome. They're not really characters that you have to feel for, except for the fact that they've got to make Donna feel better all the time, and it's eating them up inside to see her like this. They are DEFINITELY MORE great casting choices for this movie.

All in all this is a great movie that should get more credit than it does. I mean, seriously. Everyone on this site calls it shit, and bashes it, and they haven't even seen it. They're just pissed off because it beat out "The Dark Knight" for ONE WEEK in DVD sales. Well big whoop, get over it. lolz! Anyway, this movie is truly an awesome movie, and it is one that you should at least give a try. It's directing is done masterfully, and by someone who DEFINITELY knows what it is that they are doing in this field of the movie business. They execute everything masterfully, and make a great movie for all of us to DEFINITELY enjoy. The writing for this movie is much the same as the directing: AWESOME! It's writing is done by someone who is REALLY good at making songs, as well as adapting a stage play into a movie, and making it awesome. This movie's writing is definitely great, and makes for an awesome movie. The visuals of this movie are another thing that are great for the movie. They make everything vibrant, with their colorful scenery, and vibrant costumes. The visuals for this movie are DEFINITELY awesome, and DEFINITELY make the movie even more awesome than it already is. The storyline for this movie, as I touched on a bit already, is done wonderfully. It's a great storyline, and one that many will love for many different reasons. It's got a great story, with great songs, and all of it is put together wonderfully. So DEFINITELY a great job in that respect. The acting of this movie is what ties everything together. All of the actors and actress deliver performances that are convincing, believable, and realistic, and you can even feel for, and maybe even RELATE TO, them on variously different levels. This REALLY is a great movie, and if you give it a chance, I'm sure that most of you would REALLY enjoy this movie. Even though it is more of a chick movie. lolz! So go and see it, and don't knock it till you've tried it! LOLZ!!!!!

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