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In the heart-pounding thriller “Man on a Ledge,” Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) makes a desperate and life-threatening move to prove his innocence after he is framed for the theft of a rare, prized diamond. Recently escaped from prison and with nowhere else to go, Nick climbs onto the ledge of a towering skyscraper, inviting the eyes of New York City to anxiously watch as one wrong step could mean plunging to his death. But as one police negotiator soon learns, Nick’s daredevil stunt, captivating the eyes of the public and media, masks a dangerous ploy to reveal the truth about his tarnished name.With the help of his brother and with time running out, Nick’s intricate plan must work perfectly, but when you’re on the 25th floor ledge of a building, going down takes on an entirely more hair-raising meaning. With unpredictable twists and electrifying turns, “Man on a Ledge” features an amazing ensemble cast including Elizabeth Banks, Jamie Bell, Anthony Mackie, Edward Burns, Genesis Rodriguez, Kyra Sedgwick, and Ed Harris.

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EXCLUSIVE: Man on a Ledge Blu-ray Featurette
A S.W.A.T. team goes after Sam Worthington in this behind-the-scenes look at the Blu-ray and DVD, in stores May 29.
Man on a Ledge Elizabeth Banks Commentary Trailer
The actress offers insight into shooting this thriller from Asger Leth, in theaters Friday, January 27th.
Man on a Ledge 4-Minute Extended Sneak Preview
Sam Worthington headlines this intense thriller from director Asger Leth, in theaters January 27th.
EXCLUSIVE: Man on a Ledge Cast Interview Featurette
Sam Worthington, Jamie Bell, Elizabeth Banks, and more offer insight into this thriller, in theaters January 27th.
Summit Entertainment 2012 Preview
Man on a Ledge, Step Up 4, Warm Bodies, and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 headline the studio's slate for 2012.
Man on a Ledge Trailer
Asger Leth directs an all-star cast with Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, and Edward Burns in this thriller about an ex-cop contemplating suicide atop a skyscraper.
Man on a Ledge Poster
Sam Worthington, Elizabeth Banks, and Edward Burns star in this thriller about an ex-cop who threatens to jump from a New York City skyscraper.
Kyra Sedgwick Joins Man on a Ledge
Sam Worthington stars as a disgruntled cop in this Asger Leth thriller.
Man on a Ledge Begins Shooting
Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks star this thriller about a fugitive and a hostage negotiator.
Man on a Ledge Finds Edward Burns and Genesis Rodriguez
Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks star in the Asger Leth-directed thriller for Summit.
Elizabeth Banks Lands Man on a Ledge
Sam Worthington, Anthony Mackie and Jamie Bell star in Asger Leth's thriller about a suicidal cop.
Jamie Bell Joins Man on a Ledge
Joining Sam Worthington in the Asger Leth-directed cop thriller.
Anthony Mackie Boards Man on a Ledge
Sam Worthington stars in this NYPD suicide thriller from director Asger Leth.
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