Margot at the Wedding


The film will be a multigenerational story that takes place over a weekend and follows a mom and her son who visit the mom's sister. Kidman and Leigh will play the sisters.

‘Margot at the Wedding’ Charms Its Way to DVD on February 19th

Get your wedding shoes on for this latest DVD release.

Margot at the Wedding is coming to DVD on February 19. The dramedy will be priced at the SRP of $24.95. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jack Black Breaks Vows in ‘Margot at the Wedding’!

Acclaimed Academy Award nominated writer/director Noah Baumbach (The Squid and the Whale, Kicking and Screaming,) brings to life a sharply observed portrait of a family in distress. His latest project is an unflinchingly honest story about coming to terms with one's family and oneself, a journey that is both funny and heartbreaking. The film stars Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Jack Black.

Margot at the Wedding is playing in theaters now.

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Nicole Kidman Has Issues in ‘Margot at the Wedding’

Noah Baumbach's latest on twisted family life.

Nicole Kidman: I think she's having a breakdown. I think she's in crisis and the way in which she's coping and behaving is very much an indicator of things turning into turmoil. I think what's wonderful about Noah's [Baumbach, the director] writing is that he wickedly funny. He's dealing with disturbing parts of family life and he's able to bring humor and I've always been attracted to things like that. I made a film, To Die For, which had a pretty dark subject matter; but it was done with such humor. Buck Henry was able to balance that. I think Noah has some similar attributes with Buck Henry. I think they are both great writers.

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