Martyrs Review

"Well-made, But Not An Enjoyable Movie To Watch At All."

This movie is extremely well-made... A little too well-made, because it is really depressing, and not something that leaves you in a good mood. It definitely is not something that you can easily get out of your head. Right after this movie, I had to watch a comedy, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, just to be cheered up a little bit.

The story takes many weird turns. It starts out as a revenge story- These sick people captured 2 girls, and just totally, brutally tortured them. So they come back, and kill them. But then, I can't say too much without spoilers, but basically they still brutally tortured people, and it's more than just them...

The Acting is fantastic. It's flawless. Of course, I have never seen any of the actors/actresses before, because this is a foreign film, but they do extremely well, and believable. If the acting had been bad, then this movie would not have been so depressing, and convincing, but these actors do a great job.

The director is Pascal Laugier, and I can't really say if he does good, or bad, because he did an excellent job of making you sick, and really feeling sorry for the characters. But at the same time, I was not enjoying this movie, because he made it so damn depressing. But he does a superb job of showing extremely gross torture scenes that are hard to watch.

Not a visually enjoyable movie, however, all the effects like the blood, and bruising of the face, and cuts if the body are very realistic looking, and not cheesy at all.

So, this movie is very well-made, well done, and creative... It's just so depressing that I can't recommend it.

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