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"Marvel's The Avengers"-the Super Hero team up of a lifetime, featuring iconic Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow. When an unexpected enemy emerges that threatens global safety and security, Nick Fury, Director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., finds himself in need of a team to pull the world back from the brink of disaster. Spanning the globe, a daring recruitment effort begins. In 3D at select locations.

Marvel's The Avengers News
Avengers Made Joss Whedon Less Money Than Dr. HorribleAvengers Made Joss Whedon Less Money Than Dr. Horrible
Joss Whedon claims that the small independent internet musical Dr. Horrible was more profitable for him than the first Avengers.
The Avengers Sing Christmas CarolsThe Avengers Sing Christmas Carols
Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and more Marvel favorites come together for a little yuletide cheer in an Avengers holiday video.
Edward Norton Reveals Why He Didn't Return as Hulk in AvengersEdward Norton Reveals Why He Didn't Return as Hulk in Avengers
Edward Norton says he turned down Avengers because he wanted to have a more diverse career after The Incredible Hulk.
Read Joss Whedon's Avengers Email from Tom HiddlestonRead Joss Whedon's Avengers Email from Tom Hiddleston
An excerpt from the new book Joss Whedon: The Biography offers a personal glimpse inside the making of Marvel's The Avengers.
Runaways Was Shelved Because of Marvel's The Avengers
Screenwriter Drew Pearce hopes that it will become a Phase Three movie, but Iron Man 3 director Shane Black claims that's impossible.
Will an Iron Man 3 Actor Be the Voice of Ultron in The Avengers 2?
A new rumor serves as a potential spoiler for the creation of this key villain in The Avengers: The Age of Ultron.
Iron Man 3 and The Avengers Deleted Scene Animatics Reveal the Wasp!
Storyboard artist Federico D'Alessandro has also revealed an alternate ending for Iron Man 3.
Patton Oswalt Inspired Star Wars: Episode VII the Gauntlet of Infinity Poster
The comedian's eight-minute scene from tonight's Parks and Recreation episode offers his pitch for a Star Wars/Avengers crossover.
Watch Patton Oswalt Pitch Star Wars 7 / Avengers Crossover on Parks and Recreation
The comedic actor kills off Chewbacca in this completely improvised 8-minute scene for a Star Wars filibuster during a Pawnee City Council meeting.
Joss Whedon Had The Avengers 2 Story Idea Before The Avengers
The director revealed that production is slated to begin on The Avengers 2 in February, and that he is excited for fans to see Marvel Phase Two.
Marvel's The Avengers Behind the Magic: Building a Digital New York Featurette
Watch how the visual effects gurus at Industrial Light and Magic recreated more than 20 blocks of Manhattan for this superhero adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Cast Members to Present at the 85th Annual Academy Awards
Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Renner and Mark Ruffalo will present an award at the awards ceremony hosted by Seth MacFarlane.
EXCLUSIVE: Jeff White Talks the Visual Effects of Marvel's Avengers
The Oscar-nominated visual effects supervisor explains some of the challenges in working on his first superhero movie, and what clip he would show at the Oscars.
Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. Timeline to Take Place After Marvel's The Avengers
Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson is playing a major part in the series, despite what happened to him in Marvel's The Avengers.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Behind the Magic' ILM Featurette
Industrial Light & Magic has put together a new stop motion animation reel constructed by specialist Erik Dillinger.
Marvel's The Avengers Anatomy of a Shot Featurette
Get an inside look at what went into creating the closing act of Joss Whedon's summer blockbuster.
Thanos Concept Art from Marvel's The Avengers
Artist Andy Park also shares some of his character concept art for Marvel's epic adventure.
Clark Gregg Confirmed to Return as Agent Coulson on Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series!
The actor makes the announcement alongside Josh Whedon at NYCC 2012, confirming that Joss Whedon will co-write the pilot episode.
Marvel's The Avengers Smashes Blu-ray and DVD Charts
Joss Whedon's superhero mashup sold thirty-four times the amount of copies than Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1.
Kevin Feige Teases Plans for Marvel's The Avengers Villain Thanos
The Marvel executive reveals there is a place for the Mad Titan, though he won't reveal in which movie he will turn up in next.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Labor Day Re-Release' TV Spot
Relive all the action and excitement of director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble in theaters one last time over the holiday weekend.
Marvel's The Avengers Returns to Theaters August 31st with the Promise of New Footage!
A special message from Marvel Studios reminds fans to stay through the closing credits when they return to theaters this Labor Day weekend.
Joss Whedon to Co-Write and Direct S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series Pilot!
ABC has greenlit this upcoming action-adventure pilot, which brings the Marvel universe to the small screen.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Leader of the Band' Blu-ray Featurette
We also have an alternate opening from Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble, arriving on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD September 25.
Two Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray Featurettes
Take a look at the cast and crew praising Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Evans, and Mark Ruffalo on this Blu-ray set, debuting September 25.
Marvel's The Avengers Gag Reel and Extended Scene Revealed!
Check out the hilarious outtakes and an extended scene featuring a conversion between Loki and Hawkeye from the Blu-ray set arriving September 25th.
Marvel's The Avengers Deleted Scene Featuring Harry Dean Stanton
Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner chats with a security guard in this extended moment from the Blu-ray set arriving September 25.
Seven Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray Clips!
Take a look at the revealing mid-credit sequence and six more scenes before the Blu-ray and DVD release September 25.
Marvel's The Avengers May Be Developed as a TV Series for ABC
The show would be set in the Marvel universe, but may not feature any characters from Joss Whedon's summer blockbuster.
Marvel's Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled Blu-ray Trailer
Marvel is set to release all of their Phase One movies in a illuminated S.H.I.E.L.D. briefcase starting September 25.
COMIC-CON 2012: Marvel One Shot: Item 47 Screens for Fans
This latest Marvel short will be included on The Avengers Blu-ray heading our way this September 25th.
Marvel's The Avengers Second Screen App Blu-ray Details
Fans can start accessing content through their Apple device or PC ahead of the highly-anticipated Blu-ray and DVD release September 25.
Marvel One Shot: Item 47 Photo with Lizzy Caplan
The actress discovers an alien gun in this new short film included on the Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray release.
Marvel's The Avengers Official Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD Details!
This box office juggernaut from director Joss Whedon will arrive on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, and DVD September 25.
Marvel's The Avengers Blu-ray Trailer
We also have a featurette for the 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Avengers Assembled Blu-ray set arriving September 25.
Marvel's The Avengers Crosses $600 Million at the Domestic Box Office
Director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble has taken in a massive $1.43 billion at the box office worldwide.
Clark Gregg Talks About His Future in Marvel Movies
The actor who portrayed Agent Coulson in Marvel's The Avengers believes he won't be back as The Vision.
Marvel's The Avengers 10-Disc Blu-ray Set Hits Later This Year
Amazon listed the tease for the collection titled Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One - Avengers Assembled.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Marvel's The Avengers Wins Again with $55 Million
Battleship takes second place with $25.3 million, and The Dictator lands in third place with $17.4 million.
Marvel's The Avengers Hits 3D Blu-ray and DVD September 25th
This upcoming set is jam-packed with a commentary track, deleted scenes, and an alternate ending.
Marvel's The Avengers Movie Timeline Infographic
All of the most significant moments from the films leading up to The Avengers are finally placed in chronological order.
Marvel's The Avengers Thor Opera Deleted Scene Concept Art
Marvel president Kevin Feige reveals that two more unnamed Marvel films will be announced for production soon.
Marvel's The Avengers Crosses $1 Billion at the Global Box Office!
Director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble only needed 19 days to reach the box office milestone.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Marvel's The Avengers Earns a Record-Breaking $103.1 Million
The tally shatters Avatar's second weekend record, while Dark Shadows finishes in second place with $28.8 million.
TICKET or SKIP IT: Marvel's The Avengers
Corey Wood calls this latest Marvel adventure the greatest comic book movie of all time.
BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will Marvel's The Avengers Repeat Atop the Box Office?
Or will Dark Shadows pull off a massive upset and beat out the superhero ensemble this weekend?
Joss Whedon Thanks Fans for the Success of Marvel's The Avengers by Rebooting Air Bud!
The writer/director answers questions about his future, what the biggest opening weekend means, and addresses The Dark Knight Rises.
Marvel's The Avengers to Serve as a Springboard for More Frachises
Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger looks to the future of this Marvel success story and what it means for the Studio.
Go Behind the Special FX of The Avengers!
Take a look at new photos which reveal background replacement effects and some CG work inside live-actions scenes.
Marvel's The Avengers Official Weekend Box Office Is $207.4 Million!
This Marvel adventure becomes the biggest weekend opener of all time with $7 million more than original estimates of $200.3 million.
BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: Marvel's The Avengers Breaks Records with $200.3 Million
Director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble shatters the three-day record of $169.1 million by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2
Marvel's The Avengers Takes 2nd Biggest Opening with $80.5 Million
The movie assembles $575 million worldwide on its way to a $175 million domestic opening weekend gross.
The Hulk to Get Stand-Alone Reboot in 2015
Marvel executives are quietly moving forward on a new project centering on Mark Ruffalo's character from Marvel's The Avengers.
BOX OFFICE PREDICTIONS: Will Marvel's The Avengers Break Box Office Records?
Or will Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 retain the three-day record with $169.1 million?
Marvel's The Avengers Earns $18.7 Million from Midnight Screenings
Joss Whedon's superhero adventure debuted in over 2,500 theaters at midnight, surpassing The Dark Knight's midnight tally.
Soundgarden's 'Live to Rise' Music Video from Marvel's The Avengers
The heralded band reunites for their first song together in 15 years with this track from Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Must-See Movie Event' TV Spot
The Marvel Studios blockbuster takes in over $260 million internationally, before its domestic release this Friday, May 4.
Marvel's The Avengers Second Post Credit Sequence Spoiler Photo
Make sure you stay all the way until the end for this tasty final moment from director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Balance' TV Spot
Director Joss Whedon brings together Marvel's biggest and best superheroes in this exciting adventure, due in theaters May 4.
Marvel's The Avengers Threat Featurette
Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and producer Kevin Feige discuss what brings these superheroes together.
EXCLUSIVE: Clark Gregg Talks Marvel's The Avengers
The actor plays Agent Coulson in director Joss Whedon's highly-anticipated superhero ensemble, due in theaters May 4.
Two Marvel's The Avengers 'Heroes Stand Together' TV Spots
Hulk smashes his way towards $73 million in overseas box office grosses, while Kevin Feige talks Iron Man 3's ties to The Avengers.
Seven Marvel's The Avengers Photos with Hawkeye and the Hulk
Iron Man and Captain America also get in on the action as Joss Whedon's summer tentpole prepares for its American debut.
Four More Marvel's The Avengers Mondo Posters
These artistic renditions of The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor will go on sale tomorrow through the Mondo Twitter page.
Watch Marvel's The Avengers Press Conference Videos
Director Joss Whedon brings his whole cast together in Los Angeles to discuss this superhero assemblage.
Marvel's The Avengers Midnight IMAX Poster
These limited edition prints will be handed out to fans who attend the first IMAX screenings of this Marvel movie blockbuster.
Marvel's The Avengers Iron Man TV Spot
Robert Downey Jr.'s enigmatic Tony Stark is highlighted in this 60-second video for director Joss Whedon's highly-anticipated adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Agent Coulson Meets Captain America Clip
Clark Gregg's S.H.I.E.L.D. agent reveals his admiration for Chris Evans' super soldier in this scene from Joss Whedon's superhero extravaganza.
Marvel's The Avengers Black Widow Featurette
Scarlett Johansson discusses suiting up as Natasha Romanoff once more in director Joss Whedon's superhero epic.
Marvel's The Avengers Bruce Banner and Black Widow Clip
Scarlett Johansson tries to convince Mark Ruffalo to join this superhero squad in this scene from Joss Whedon's adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Hulk and Captain America International TV Spots
Mark Ruffalo and Chris Evans' characters are highlighted in this latest look at director Joss Whedon's superhero epic.
Third The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Arrives with Marvel's The Avengers
Both the regular and IMAX versions of this trailer will debut all-new footage from Christopher Nolan's sequel on May 4th.
Marvel's The Avengers Extra Scene Blown Out of Proportion Says Kevin Feige
Robert Downey Jr. revealed in a recent interview that Joss Whedon was continuing to shoot on this Marvel adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers 'A Wild Ride' Featurette
Director Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Mark Ruffalo discuss bringing this whole superhero team together.
Marvel's The Avengers Iron Man and Thor International TV Spots
Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth's characters are highlighted in these latest videos from director Joss Whedon's action-packed adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Mondo Posters with Black Widow and Hawkeye
The Black Widow print by Olly Moss will go on sale April 19, while the Hawkeye poster by Tom Whalen will be available April 20.
Marvel's The Avengers Photos with Iron Man, Black Widow, and Maria Hill
Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, and Cobie Smulders are all featured in these latest shots from this superhero extravaganza.
Marvel's The Avengers Photo with Captain America in Action
Chris Evans' star-spangled superhero leaps off a bus to avoid an explosion in this new shot from Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble.
Marvel's The Avengers Soundgarden Song Available for Free on iTunes
The track 'Live to Rise,' the band's first song in over 15 years, will also be available on the 'Avengers Assemble' compilation CD.
Marvel's The Avengers 'Face Off' Clip
Iron Man and Thor battle it out in this latest look at every Marvel fan's most anticipated movie ever.
Marvel's The Avengers Loki Imprisoned Clip
Tom Hiddleston's villainous character chats with Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury while being held in a unique glass cell.
Marvel's The Avengers Thor and Captain America Battle Aliens Clip
We also have 18 hi-res photos with the entire team from Joss Whedon's massive adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Behind-the-Scenes B-Roll Footage
We also have a new image of the Hulk as Joss Whedon's critically praised summer adventure nears its premiere date.
Marvel's The Avengers Tension Featurette
New footage from the Marvel superhero adventure looks at the clashing egos of each individual Avengers team member.
Marvel's The Avengers Red Carpet Premiere Hi-Res Photo Gallery
Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson and the rest of the team celebrate Marvel's greatest superhero adventure yet!
Marvel's The Avengers Reactions Hit Twitter; Response Is Overwhelmingly Positive
Hordes of celebrities and fans gathered in Hollywood last night to check out director Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble.
Watch Marvel's The Avengers Live Red Carpet Premiere!
The cast is set to arrive at the El Capitan in Hollywood at 6 pm for the debut of this highly anticipated Marvel superhero adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Thor's Hammer TV Spot
Chris Hemsworth gets the spotlight in this latest look at the Marvel superhero adventure, in theaters May 4th.
Third Marvel's The Avengers Clip
We also have an Avengers Assemble Featurette that takes viewers inside the fast-paced world of America's most dysfunctional superhero family.
Marvel's The Avengers Suit Up TV Spot
Iron Man leads a citywide fight against the villainous Loki in Marvel's upcoming superhero extravaganza.
Second Clip from Marvel's The Avengers!
Check out the new footage, plus another tie-in Dr. Pepper commercial for the superhero mashup.
Marvel's The Avengers Premiere to Stream Live from Hollywood April 11
Watch as all of the stars arrive at the legendary El Capitan Theater to celebrate this Marvel superhero adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Roll Call TV Spot
Robert Downey Jr. introduces his superhero allies in director Joss Whedon's ensemble.
Fourth Marvel's The Avengers TV Spot
This newest TV spot finds Captain America telling The Hulk to start smashing.
Marvel's The Avengers 'The World Has Changed' TV Spot
Captain America and Tony Stark have mad beef in this action-packed 1-minute look at Joss Whedon's upcoming Marvel adventure.
Marvel's The Avengers Debuts New TV Spot Inside Avengers Alliance Facebook Game
In this exciting new spot we see the team of Heroes coming together to fight a common enemy.
Captain America 2 Gets April 2014 Release Date and New Marvel's The Avengers Photo
The upcoming sequel will continue in the present day as Steve Rogers struggles to embrace the modern world.
Marvel's The Avengers Alan Silvestri Soundtrack Sneak Preview
Marvel's official Avengers website also gets an update with new character bios and wallpaper downloads.
12 Marvel's The Avengers Toys R Us Character and Team Wallpapers
Take a look at each individual superheroe along with the full ensemble in a new promotional run for Joss Whedon's upcoming Marvel adventure.
Scarlett Johansson Fights as Black Widow in the First Avengers Clip!
This clip features Agent Coulson and Black Widow during an interrogation, in which the spider must escape.
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