Marvel's The Avengers Review

"WORLD PREMIERE: Prepare For Something That Is Truly Indescribable As Your Theatres Roars In Applause... Joss Whedon Has Officially Created Every Fan Boy's Dream"

'When you come to a project on a big scale as this, you have to breakdown on how you analytically approach it, especially when you have a reputation and everything is at stake' zipped Whedon. After a rip-roaring exclusive sneak preview aligned with the world première, entitled Shield's Secret Screenings.

The Avengers sets off straight after the events of Captain America with Steve Rogers still trying to regain himself in the world and the rest of The Avengers doing what they do best, saving the world. Of course all of those little sneaky ends of credit sequences all tie-in to this spectacular flick, like appetisers to the final course. But when an unknown enemy emerges. It is left to the hands of Nick Fury to ensemble 'The Avengers Initiative.' When the world would need its saviours and heroes fighting one by one and side by side as THE AVENGERS ASSEMBLE as they head on to take down the villainous godlike tyrant that is LOKI... and his got an army...but we have a Hulk.

Now I don't need to inform you of the acting capabilities at hand here, when you know The Avengers that have been assembled already from their solo adventures. Every character has remained the same as they were in their solo installments. Tony Stark is still the playboy millionaire with a tongue in cheek and a devilish way of words that roar the audience in laughter. Steve Rogers is still trying to maintain himself from state of his cryo-statis and trying to regain himself in the world and figuring out his destiny. Thor is still Thor, and this is my favourite character of the team, not just because Chris is a personal friend, but I just love his take on the character. Alas yes Renner does a decent job as Hawkeye and Scarlett looks bootylicious and ready to kick ass, and despite the glamour to the superhero ensemble she has a fiery determined character. BUT and this is the HULKSMASH BUT... the film is stolen by its newest cast member to the fantastic superhero ensemble, Mark Ruffalo who finally brings THE HULK the fans have died for and awaited so long for, he overshadows Ferringo, smashes through Bana and leaves Ed with nothing but a Norton... The Hulk in simple detail is the show stealer, and is just an extravaganza of destruction.

As we have praised Nolan for his transformation of DC's universe of Batman...Joss Whedon returns to define he is the equivalence of the Marvel universe and creates the most spectacular Marvel film ever made, which will now stand as the example for every Marvel film set for the future as, while Nolan has set the standards for the superhero film of today. Joss Whedon has created an orgy of superhero extravaganza for your eyes to feast on. The action is out of this world.

"This is something big and this is what we have all been working for... Myself and the rest of my fellow merry men, and to be part of that is just amazing, it's a piece of film history in itself. Marvel is creating a franchise and a universe with its film universe much like they did with the comics." stated Tony Stark. Believe these words because Avengers is a piece of film history as well as a pinnacle in the history of Marvel.

But not only was I able to catch up with Tony Stark but a variety of other characters including the duo of godlike brothers Thor and Loki. "While we have yet to see the film, but we had a massive amount of fun on set and just listen to that energy. My god that is a roar of fans and that's what makes this moment worth everything" while Loki interjected stating, "It really doesn't get any better than this." While having a snag chat "Loki believes he can bring some form of world peace by making the world grovel at his knees, he wasn't that badass in Thor, this shows what his truly capable of."

As well I had to catch up with Chris who said "It's amazing, Joss really gets down to it, there is even a scene with the team dealing with problematic issues but you know obviously Thor has to lay down the law," as we winked off to sign autographs.

While Chris Evans talked about Cap 2 with me, it is sounding interesting none to say the least and I thoroughly enjoyed Cap's first outing. Which is still in pre-production. As well it seems that Marvel may be following the same marketing technique and strategy for the already green lit, Avengers 2.

But I had to catch all three peas in a pod to grill them. "Playing Nick Fury, his like Marvel's equivalent to Bond's M. but it's amazing because you're playing a character that you were the foundation for and that makes it all the more special, you get me."

Before I could sink my teeth into the genius that is Joss Whedon, before me stood another genius, which our conversation started with the local phrase "Excelsior, young chap. This is truly remarkable and I don't think I've ever seen so much energy by the fans and this is truly something exhilarating."

"It's similar to making a comic but it's just more visual and you have more frames, but when you approached a project as big as this, you have to break it down" the ginger genius said with glee. "It more than a movie it's a continuation with a conclusion to continue the next array of marvel flicks. So essentially this is what the previous films have been so climatically built up to and we have to go all out. In which my history with Marvel is what got me here and Favreau's recommendation, since he turned it down. But apparently to him I was the fans favourite and I believe we have given the movie the fans deserve and desire."

Visually Avengers Assemble is a visual extravagance of pure orgy and climatic battle with some spectacular set pieces that would make Michael Bay grovel at the feet of Loki. The action sequences get better and better and the final sequence is exactly how an epic sequence should be done, utilising the power of today's effects with the visual glory of the mind of Whedon. The scene's just heighten to an amount of tension that will leave any fan boy excited to ultimate satisfaction, especially once the Hulk gets involved. It's truly something amazing that is if you don't pass away from excitement to endure the end credits.

In overall Avengers Assemble is by far the most spectacular superhero ever made in terms of a visual extravagance, and is truly something that has been worth waiting for and it's the Marvel equivalence to Nolan's Batman. In final words prepare for something that is truly indescribable as your theatres roars in applause... Joss Whedon has officially created every fan boy's dream.

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