Marvel's The Avengers Review

“Its All That You Expect And Wantedf But Better,.This Is An Evolutionary Jump Which Will Be Remembered Til The End Of Time.”

April 27th, 2012

) MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS* (of which will be marked) Avengers Assemble is here and it doesn't hold back, and it packs a great hefty punch. At last since 2008 Iron Man and the licensing of Marvel studios the big A have been on the cards for a while (didn't IRON MAN 2 do a good job of giving us a hint) and through those four years we have received both brilliant films (Thor/Iron Man/TIH) and those that weren't as good (IM2/The First Avenger). With many a cameo of Samuel L. Jackson appearing and as if he has dementia repeated over and over that he wished to speak about the Avengers initiative. Well do not worry as Nick Fury is in action here, and right even before that red and gold tinted logo swivels across the screen.

The film starts off at a break neck fast pace, following the opening of an alternate Byfrost of which an enhanced Loki emerges- in the centre of Shields scientific base clutching, on which trouble emerges, and the controlling of Hawkeye and scientist Eric Selvig, where Loki makes way with the almighty energy source TESSERACT- (of which has been harnessed before by Hydra and is SHIELDS INTENTIONS AS THEY SEEM?). Before anything can be done Fury is least of pleased, and soon not only is a solitary Steve Rogers trying to come to grips with the world is thrust into a world again of war and action, and trouping up with Stark and Banner (whom is brought in as a scientific covert) sooner or later the now dead in the water AVENGERS INITIATIVE seems lined up again, with Johansson sent off to collect and abide. Sooner or later Thor is back on earth proclaiming himself guardian of earth, back to proclaim the Tesseract and Loki t5o return home, but Loki isn't alone in all this, with an almightier hand at play whom gave him his spectre of abnormal incomprehensive power.


The film is a concoction of humour, wit, passion, comic-book geek fandomanoium pleasure, not only is the banter and chemistry adrift and ebbing and always evolving and sharp and intact its inconceivably there, the best troop of actors, and characters. We have Stark back on form but even higher up in the world of pyrotechnics and other masterful concoctions, and his dialogue ever more durable and grandeur thanks to Joss Whedon's script (the first director to play his hand at writing a Marvel film whilst directing). Rogers, whom never is outcast or disjointed, but namely the Captain, the heroic placard they need, the innocent, the forthright, a rightful thinking man of predated eras notion and civility needed in a day of darkness. Banner shaken up, trying to control that old temper of his, very much youthful, charming, smart, and we have Window battling with her close knit feelings for Hawkeyes demise and pit falling into Lokis enticement, and also we have Thor just being Thor- ever more erudite and pretentious what with all these Supers surrounding him- a god, no, yes?

Added Addition:

Mark Ruffolo is a bonus addition, his character of the Hulk never more or less looked down upon, seriously entwined and very much what the Hulk is, a raging hormonal mess whom just wants to "SMASH"! The motion capture much so a revolutionary, giving that Ruffolo can also encapsulate himself more personally with his alter ego. The Hulk is both humorous, fun, and just a badd-ass presence, and much more his chemistry as Banner and "this other thing" with his close-knit banterific team ensconces us even more and it all seems to seamlessly gel.

AVENGING THE EGO: Very much the humour is where it should be, granted everybody gets their lead. Even Hawkeye the least favourable also played by my least favourite of actors Jeremy Renner, but it doesn't feel, episodic when it comes to the lines or wit, and no one ever seems to be off camera for too long, Whedon coming from long running T.V series and a previous Directorial Suitor knows how to create an atmosphere within human conditions and interchangeable interactions- more so extravagant given these are super-heroes of a benevolent order.

3D: The 3D never feels gimmicky neither- we will give a dimension to this world, its just there, your in the moment, it never feels tacked on like a moment of mid thought where some directors go "oh I need a bit of rubble or loose frame work to explode and fly on out) its very much a world, you are very much within this orb, ebbing, tracking, its more intimate and is possibly the best 3D to have hit our screens, plus its Whedon a director of supreme talents whom brought us this and also a bonus it's the fucking Avengers goddammit.

JOSSING IT OUT: Joss Whedon has enraptured and changed cinema, this has scope, a mendacity and humanity and resourceful and intergalactic epic-ness that is all but justified, and ever more enjoyable. The action, the banter, all but splendour but moments of supreme interest is that audience members alike adore his dialogue and root for these characters and enjoy a great old romp and argument, and the credulity and engrossment and endeavours and egotistical spaces and barrages make great writing, ever more with humour and slighted genius of comic book geek cineaste master. Its obvious Whedon knows his stuff, knows his history, knows his place and knows how to position and extricate these characters and these situations and knows cinema.

This is an evolutionary jump which will be remembered til the end of time.

Its all that you expect but better. Thor and Hulk hulking it out, Fury kicking Ass, Thor having to beat down his brother, Hulk getting satisfaction to actually getting encouraged by the Captain to "Smash" - result a huge grin and stampeding these intergalactic douches with his pumping fists.

Not just a blockbuster of massive proportions, it is also quite soft, and humane and very much a thoroughly enjoyable and enticing and pleasurable orgy of action, humour, and just everything you could ever wish for, and though we have seen extravagance, you do think, how can we watch all these characters solitarily on their own in future films when they are meant to be one?

We must wait for that answer, but for then see this again and again, in 3D.


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