Match Point


Chris Wilton, a young tennis instructor, becomes involved with a wealthy family, one member of which he's teaching tennis. This leads to his rise in the world of upper class people and his subsequent romantic involvement with two women. A clandestine affair follows, leading him into a ever deepening quagmire until the only way out for him is to contemplate doing away with one of the women.

Scarlett Johansson ("The Island"), Jonathan Rhys-Meyers ("Bend It Like Beckham"), Emily Mortimer ("Lovely & Amazing"), Matthew Goode ("Chasing Liberty"), Brian Cox ("The Bourne Identity,", "The Bourne Supremacy") and Penelope Wilton ("Iris," "Calendar Girls") star in "Match Point," a new dramatic thriller from writer/director Woody Allen.

"Match Point" is a drama about ambition, the seduction of wealth, love, and sexual passion. Perhaps most importantly, however, the story reveals the huge part luck plays in events, refuting the comforting misconception that more of life is under our control than really is.

Written and directed by Academy Award® winner Woody Allen ("Annie Hall," "Hannah and Her Sisters"), "Match Point" represents a departure for the native New Yorker, the majority of whose films lovingly depict New York and—not always so lovingly—New Yorkers. Crossing the Atlantic for the first time in his film career, Allen set "Match Point" in London, where it was also filmed.

Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Talk ‘Match Point’

Match Point is Woody Allen's best film in ten years. It is a dark and insidious departure from his usually light-hearted tone. Allen bases his premise on luck, weaving Scarlett Johansson and Jonathon Rhys-Meyers into an adulterous web. The film is certainly the most explicit role yet for Scarlett. She's flaunted with more adult themes, but really takes it to another level with this performance. She re-teams with Allen in a comedy called ‘Scoop' next year. Jonathan will get his biggest audience next summer in a supporting role to Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3.

This is your first femme fatale role. Were you looking to play more adult, sex-tinged characters?

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DreamWorks picks up Woody Allen's ‘Match Point’

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Woody Allen has found a home for his dark relationship thriller Match Point, which screened Out of Competition at the Festival de Cannes. The New York auteur is back in business with DreamWorks, which has picked up North American rights for $4 million.

"I've always had enormous respect and affection for the people at DreamWorks, and their enthusiasm over my film makes me feel absolutely certain we chose the right people to distribute it," Allen said. The first film Allen has shot in England, Match Point stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a social-climbing tennis instructor who marries into a wealthy family. Scarlett Johansson, Emily Mortimer, Matthew Goode, Brian Cox and Penelope Wilton also star.

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