Max Payne Review

"Fists Of Rage "

I may have been a little over zealous when I first watched this movie I think that may be because the visuals are really cool looking. First off Mark Whalbergs performance in the movie isn't that bad but it does feel like he was trying to do his own version of a cross between Dirty Harry and Charles Bronson in Death Wish. John Moores direction of the film is pretty bad at times he can sell the visuals witch are cool looking but his action scenes are to boring and cartoonish. One of the biggest problems I had with the movie was the fact that they kept some of the Max Payne Elements like the drugs and the gritty look of New York but they also took out some of the best elements of the game such as the John Woo style of action and the Mafia Element was replaced by the Evil Empire corporation and trying to make a political statement with corporations and the War in Iraq. The revenge plot of the movie felt really weak and not at all unexpected or ex sighting they should of taken a note from OldBoy and try to put a different spin on an unoriginal idea so it could of been darker and ex sighting. Mila Kunis was the most miscasted person in the film every time she was supposed to be a bad a$$ I couldn't take her serious and every time she held a gun it looked like she was worried about braking a nail maybe she should just stick to comedies for a while. As for the PG-13 rating of the movie is not violent enough for an R the violence is not at all exploited or gory of course the rating of the movie doesn't matter an R version couldn't save this movie. The movie was just another shoot and kill action movie without any good parts to it the only nice thing I can say is that its the closest I've come to liking a videogame adaptation.

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