Mega Piranha Reviews

  • Sadly, the funniest thing about this film is the cast list, because filmmaker Forsberg simply doesn't have a clue how to put them to any use at all. There's so much camp value that it's not even funny. But it's not even remotely funny.

    Rich Cline — Shadows on the Wall

  • We can ridicule every frame.

    Matt Glasby — Total Film

  • An absolute stinker in every conceivable way.

    Adam Woodward — Little White Lies

  • Played straight, it's initially amusing but swiftly outstays its welcome as the piranhas develop the ability to fly like fanged double decker buses and the whole caboodly tries just a bit too hard to be knowing.

    Tim Evans — Sky Movies

  • I can't think of anything more dispiriting than a film consciously faking it for the so-bad-it's-good market.

    Peter Bradshaw

  • Incredibly for a film which presumably intends to at least alarm an audience, the budget seems to have been spent entirely on set-piece explosions with no money remaining for the actual fish.

    James O'Brien — Daily Mail [UK]

  • It stars former pop queen Tiffany, who topped the charts in 1987 with I Think We're Alone Now. Visit a cinema showing this and the chances are you'll know what she was singing about.

    David Edwards — Daily Mirror [UK]

  • Everything about it is deliberately, winkingly atrocious -- killing the fun for those, like me, who think unwitting schlock is the juiciest kind.

    Tim Robey — Daily Telegraph

  • Is it any good? That's the wrong question to ask of a film like this whose many plot-holes, absurdities and over-the-top idiocies are an essential part of the allure. But is it bad enough?

    Anton Bitel — Film4

  • Bad-movie enthusiasts will doubtless have fun watching these oversized piscine predators leaping from the ocean and laying waste to Florida's coastal regions, but hasn't this tiresome, kitschy, so-bad-it's-good fad run its course?

    Tom Huddleston — Time Out

  • The designer-trashy tone is well sustained -- these people brought you Mega Shark versus Giant Octopus -- as the toothy threat moves from the Amazon to the Florida Keys.

    Nigel Andrews — Financial Times

  • There's about half an hour of watchable film in here. The other hour is looping stock footage and endless scenes of people gawping at monitors.

    Robbie Collin — News of the World

  • Those who follow the "so bad it's good" school of thought will probably love it -- anyone else should avoid.

    Sloan Freer — Radio Times

  • A badly acted, poorly written and ineptly directed mess with dreadful special effects.

    Matthew Turner — ViewLondon

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