MegaMind Review

“Disapointment, MegaMind Is A MegaFail, And A Total Sell Out For DREAMWORKS”

December 9th, 2010

This could possibly be the most ludicrous film made. Funny? In places, immature? Yes, and yes it is Full of great gags referring to Superman, and Will Ferrell on form as per usual, making us gag with laughter, and giggle like school girls. The script to start off with, brings forward all the best quirky lines in the first 5 minutes, introducing our little Blue headed anti-hero.

Story you may ask? Simple Megamind and Metroman basically escaped both their home planets in escape pods ironically (this is the joke) at the same time as both planets are sucked up into a black vortex (STEHPEHN HAWKINGS: A-B-L-A-C-K HOLE") but sadly Megamind crash lands in jail while Metroman is brought up lavishly, with a rich family, soon they both go to school a gifted school,begin their rivalry., Metroman is loved, and Megamind and his assistant ugly Fish (David Cross) scoop up their chance at becoming villains.

Soon Metroman dies, Megamind misses it follows i can't recall, as Tina Fey voices a Lois lane type character Roxanne who soon falls in love with Megamind, but in another form, blahder blahder blaherrrr its dull, its slow, no action, the voice cast is atrocious, Jonah hill sounds like an over bloated kid who has had emotional deficiency, well he has all of that and is all of that and just brings his dullness to life here.

It doesn't pick up; the music from Hans Zimmer is unappealing, big bold brassy, but why? All he is doing is talking. So is it out of 2-3 stars, as it picks up but it does not know whether to be aimed at the adults with their

innuendos or stay silly and slap sticky and quite possible Dora The Explorer.

Brad Pitt is just a name, but his voice could melt solid

its not that this film isnt fun, and doesn't have anything diffrent it does, but once we get to the plot point where Jonah Hills character becomes a hero and goes skyward its not, very impacting such as PIXARS (ALL OF THEIR FILMS) and some of DREAMWORKS have an edge, relism, as much as you wish for, but meaning hard work are put inot those films, i watched the PIXAR STORY and i welled up, just watching these determined folks. Full of passion and never giving up. These stories they create and bring forth is emotional, fun, and gripping, here its just rushed over, its got a good cast a big budget HANS ZIMMER, okay who else, okay cool DREAMWORKS is our name so we can pass of as anything and do anything, just selling out. If this was rewritten and maybe tweaked a bit it would have been more compelling as a film, it would have worked as a thirty minute special-minus JONAh and it would have been bliss.

Will holds this together with his characteristicly grand voice and compelling passion, even though hes just there for the dough-the cash baby.

Overall it doesn't know where to go- down south to the humorous side, and let Will kick ass-Or the Jonah Hill aimed at little Uns side, full of long drawn out jokes that are aimed at both adults and children alike, but fail. The animation is detailed, gets the grooves and body movements are right and realistic, capturing a women's firm walk or a slick quite distorted Megamind walk, and brings forward emotionality like no other, but its dull. Pointless and loses out against Despicable me.


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