Men in Black 3 Review

“I Promised The Secrets Of The Universe, Nothing More.”

August 7th, 2012

The other movie that I saw while I was waiting for "The Devil's Carnival" was "Men In Black III." Many have said that this movie, or even this series in general, was a complete bust. I do not understand this statement at all. "Men In Black" was always one of my favorite movies as a kid, and it still is to this day. However, I will grant you that I was slightly worried about this third one due to how much of a let down "Men In Black II" ended up being for me. However, after viewing it, I'm VERY excited by how much I loved it. I really believe that it might actually be my favorite of the series. My friend Jan said it best, "It kept true to Men In Black. Will Smith wasn't over the top and ridiculous like he can be, he was just himself, and played the role of J just as good as he usually wood. The movie was serious and action-y, but it also had plenty of laughs." A completely accurate and true summary of the movie. I loved how the laughs weren't few and far between, too. It was like every other moment in the movie was hilarious, and it wasn't unnecessary, either. The humor was sprinkled perfectly into the mix, and made for a very fun movie-going experience. It's a light-hearted sequel, but also very heavy at the same time. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but it's the best way I can describe how events play out for it. Anyway, I say fooey to anyone who says this movie is a piece of shit because it is far from it. It reveals a lot about the series, and answers some of the questions that fans have had since the first movie. My final offhand comment is that I'm really glad they got ninety-percent of the original cast back for this sequel.

Barry Sonnenfeld directs the third movie in his "Men In Black" trilogy. He's actually done quite a few of my favorite movies as I look at his directorial history. "RV," The Addams Family," and "Addams Family Values" are a few of these, without saying the other two "Men In Black" films, despite how disappointing the second was. Anyhow, Sonnenfeld outdoes himself on this film, for the most part. While it's nothing spectacular, it is one of the best installments of the series, and more than makes up for the second movie, and I promise that's the last time I'll be saying that. I enjoyed his alien vision once again in this movie, and it was fun to see all the things he had set up for 1969. Including more than one references to Frank the talking pug, though he doesn't make an appearance in the movie (which is something that kinda disappointed me in this one.) At any rate, he has a fun way of going about his movies from what I've noticed, and very rarely do you leave the theater feeling all down in the dumps. Basically, you always leave with a good feeling. That's kind of sappy, I realize, but it's refreshing in today's world, ya know? Anyway, the director and writers made a very good sequel, and I disagree with everyone's hate towards it.

The movie starts out with Agents J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones) on duty. Instantly you can tell that the two are starting to have issues with their partnership. K still will not reveal any of his personal self to J, which you wouldn't think right off the bat would be an issue, but they've been partners for fourteen years now, both are senior agents, and you would think that J would at least know a little bit about K. J realizes soon that something happened in K's past that changed him quite a lot. He realizes this at Zed's funeral. K has very little to say about the former Men In Black director, however, J sees something sparkle when it is announced that agent O (Emma Thompson) is now the head of the organization. After getting into an argument on the phone, though not much was said, J, hangs up. The next day he wakes up to find out that K doesn't exist, despite having just talked to him the next day. J storms into the agency demanding that everyone drop the act, even though they don't know what he's talking about, since Agent K has been dead for over 40 years. O realizes that J is craving chocolate flavored dairy products, a clear sign that there's been something effecting the timeline of the present, and informs him that he must find Jeffrey Price (Michael Chernus) who will know how to send J back in time to stop a beast from K's past who's gone back to the 60's to erase K from existence and ensure that he wins in invading the world. This beast is a bogladite named Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement). Bogladites are supposed to be extinct, aside from Boris who's been imprisoned on a high security moon facility after a huge battle with K. When J finally reaches 1969, he realizes that finding and destroying Boris is going to be a lot harder than he initially believed. He sets out on his journey, trying to avoid running into K, however, when he runs into Boris at a carnival, he is immediately met by the younger K (Josh Brolin), and taken into custody at Men In Black. When J is unwilling to give up what he's doing here, K readies the neuralizer and prepares to send him back into the public. J is forced to tell the truth, and no the two of them set on a journey to stop Boris the Animal from changing the past to alter the future in his own favor. This is easier said than done, however, they realize. Boris is no idiot, and although he's an animal, he uses his smarts to know their moves at every turn. Can they stop him and stop K's death and the world's imminent destruction?

The cast of this movie was fantastic. Jemaine Clement was a really fun villain, and I'll be honest: half of the movie I was CONVINCED that Boris was played by Tim Curry. Anyone who can fool me into thinking they're Tim Curry is pretty damn good in my book. He plays a really fun, yet terrifying villain, and I enjoyed his screen time. Of course Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones do a fantastic job at returning to the roles of Agents J and K. Their onscreen chemistry, even after ten years, is still fantastic, and their scenes together are hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the addition of Emma Thompson as the new head of the agency. She was a really fun character, and had some really hilarious moments throughout the movie that really made me shine on to her after the announcement that Zed was dead. However, my favorite addition to this movie was Josh Brolin. His younger impression of Agent K was dead on. He even LOOKED like Tommy Lee Jones to a point. It was so hilarious. He had the exact same stone cold serious face, brisk demeanor, and short sarcastic responses. It was almost as if he really was a very young Tommy Lee Jones, and that was a really fun thing to watch throughout the movie. Overall, the casting for this movie was fantastic, and everyone did great jobs at moving the movie forward.

So if you love this series, but were off put by all the bad reviews it's been getting, then fear not. This is a great entry into the franchise, and I'm disappointed at everyone's low reviews for it. I know I was a little weary entering into it after the second one, but by the end of the movie I was sold. It was solid, fun, heart-warming, and everything else you'd expect from a "Men In Black" movie. As I said, it's nothing over-the-top or award-worthy, but it's definitely an enjoyable film, and I'm sure that you'll enjoy it if you took my advice and saw it. So if you loved "Men In Black" and "Men In Black II" stop pussy-footing around and see this already!


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  • vampire2000 • 4 years ago

    @skywise Definitely do. It's really good, and I'm glad I got to catch it in on it's final run in a dollar theater at least.


    • skywise • 4 years ago

      Great review. I was also weary after MIB2 and I still have not seen the 3rd. The reviews have been very mixed around here but your review makes me wish I had seen it in a theater. I will definatly check it out on Blu Ray though.


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