Miami Connection Reviews

  • Absurd, yes, but director Richard Park and his game and guileless cast have the highest of spirits, and the nonsense bubbles like a bottle uncorked.

    Alan Scherstuhl — Village Voice

  • Miami Connection may not be a good film in any conventional sense, but it's great in countless ways.

    William Goss — MSN Movies

  • An 'A' because it is a true 'F'

    Jordan Hoffman —

  • Just a dreadful but naively entertaining made in America martial arts film.

    Dennis Schwartz — Ozus' World Movie Reviews

  • This is a new low in movies. Miss it at all costs.

    Roger Hurlburt — South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  • Although we saw and enjoyed this film, the hype is where the rubber doesn't meet the road. It's funny, cheesy and poorly done in parts but this is bargain bin stuff, not exactly a challenger for a newly found classic of the genre.

    Mark Zhuravsky — The Playlist

  • Miami Connection is one of those rare films where the positive energy exuded by its oh-so-amateur cast and crew starts to rub off on you, despite the fact that almost all of the basic tenets of motion-picture storytelling are non-existent.

    Eric Melin —

  • Ineptly written and badly-acted, it's a terrible movie. But it's also a trip, an amusing and striking acid flashback to the cocaine and Reagan, to pre-Grunge Loverboy-Benatar rock and Linda Hamilton "Terminator" hair, the very definition of a cult film.

    Roger Moore

  • It may be late, it may not be the way they imagined it, but 'Miami Connection' is finally, gloriously, having its day.

    Drew McWeeny — HitFix

  • Nonsensical dialogue, painful acting, lots of strobe lights, and even more fighting -- what more could a person want? Perhaps a beheading? Miami Connection has that, too.

    Marjorie Baumgarten — Austin Chronicle

  • Love it or hate it, it's doubtful you'll ever forget it, and it may just force you to redefine your definition of what constitutes "good" cinema.

    Rob Humanick — Slant Magazine

  • Hits the sweet spot between stunning ineptitude, hilariously dated period touchstones, and a touching naivete that gives it an odd distinction.

    Scott Tobias — AV Club

  • Doesn't strike me as particularly hilarious or outrageously inept, just woefully misguided by individuals out to launch a nuclear bomb of positivity with their furious work, only to discover they barely knew how to turn on the camera.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • Miami Connection is the greatest movie from 1987 you've never seen (but need to).

    Chase Whale — Film Threat

  • Clearly the greatest film ever made -- at least on whatever planet it came from.

    Matt Singer — ScreenCrush

  • The most incredible 25 year old film you'll see in theaters this year.

    Rob Hunter — Film School Rejects

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