Dr. Susan Tyler (Mire Sorvino) and her husband, Dr. Peter Mann Jeremy Northam), deputy director, Centers for Disease Control, team up in New York City where, to all appearances, they successfully eradicate an epidemic threatening the lives of scores of children.

Three years later, what seemed like a stroke of genetic engineering genius has come back to haunt them with a vengeance. Their cure has taken on a life of it's own. They've altered the balance of nature, and nature is striking back.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Mimic’ Bug Design Blu-ray Featurette

We have an exclusive special feature clip from Mimic, which hits shelves in a new Director's Cut on Blu-ray September 27. Click on the video player below to watch director Guillermo del Toro explain his bug designs in this genre thriller.

A disease carried by common cockroaches is killing children in Manhattan. In an effort to stop the epidemic, entomologist Susan Tyler (Mira Sorvino) creates a mutant breed of insect that secretes a fluid to kill the roaches. This mutant breed was engineered to die after one generation, but three years later Susan finds out that the species has survived and evolved into a large, gruesome monster that can mimic human form.

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