Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol Review

“Best Mission Impossible; Watch It Atleast 10times; You'll Not Get Bored..”

April 19th, 2012

Initially i thought this would be a Mediocre movie considering the previous films in the MI series. This film elevated the franchise to a whole new level. The action scenes were very, very original and breath taking. I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, but his ease in doing those stunts flawlessly is amazing, appreciable.

The story is the only minus point. The story has become quite common. But the action scenes and stylish places eclipsed the lack of story. There were not even a single scene where you'll find it dragged or boring. Acting was good. Tom cruise did his job quite tremendously. Jeremy renner was good. Simon pegg was funny and Paula paton the BOND girl, did her part perfectly.

Now, coming to the Burj Khalifa scene-- wow man, superb, the best action scene seen in years, it was very detailed. The sandstorm chase was great too. On the whole the film was an ACTION package.

I will recommend this movie for sure. There will definitely be an adrenaline rush while leaving/at the end of the movie. I give this film 4 stars.


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  • Acyuta-dude • 4 years ago

    @hermansusanto Yeah, it proved to be an awesome flick.. Thnx for reading my review and for the positive response :) :)


    • hermansusanto • 4 years ago

      I agree with u, when i decide to see this movie...i was afraid it's going to be another "regular" action movie...but I'm quite satisfied.