Monday Morning Review

“"Monday Morning" Movie Review”

April 30th, 2012

"Monday Morning" will make some people so angry that they will take it out on the whole movie. The imagery and the topics discussed. This is what I heard, so I saw it at a screening and I agree. I agree that characters saying that we should ask "why" bad people hate us will turn off some critics and audience members alike. I agree that images of sex in an alleyway or a woman defecating on the street will turn off some critics and audience members to the point that they will not like the movie.

But I agree with many who loved "Monday Morning" for what it was. A blend of many discussions about our social issues set within the context of a right wing guy who goes to L.A. and becomes homeless.

Writer and director Nat Christian blends many elements together and draws us into a compelling and provocative experience. Actor, Victor Browne carries the movie exceptionally well and he is backed up by excellent actors in this movie (including Christian in a powerful role as a homeless war vet), such as Jessica Spotts, Molly Kidder, Ken Melchior, Robert Pike Daniel and Robert Axelrod.

The editing at first is somewhat mesmerizing and, if you don't get offended by some of the material, it all comes together very well. I was moved and enlightened.


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