Monday Morning Review

""Monday Morning" Movie Review"

Will the images turn some critics and viewers off? Maybe. But "Monday Morning" is brilliantly fearless and valiant in its depictions and ramblings.

Writer-director, Nat Christian has created a story, epic in content and human suffering about an up and coming right wing radio host who is about to run for the senate in MN. He goes to L.A. for a short visit, is a victim of a crime and becomes homeless. He hangs around the seriously ill homeless and learns a few things.

Director, Christian cleverly punches us with certain filmic elements once our hero gets to L.A. and Christian does not let go once he grabs us. The depictions are real and harsh and sympathetic.

The main character is played divinely by actor Victor Browne. A scene with Browne and director, Christian (who plays a supporting role) is mesmerizing and carries an emotional wallop. Terrific actors also support. Molly Kidder, Jessica Spotts who gutsily plays a homeless woman, Ken Melchior and Robert Axelrod.

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