It is the near future. Astronaut Sam Bell is living on the far side of the moon, completing a three-year contract with Lunar Industries to mine Earth’s primary source of energy, Helium-3. It is a lonely job, made harder by a broken satellite that allows no live communications home. Taped messages are all Sam can send and receive.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Source Code’ Cast & Crew Interview Featurette

Director Duncan Jones is set to release the follow-up to his critically acclaimed cult favorite Moon this Friday with the sci-fi adventure thriller Source Code. Jake Gyllenhaal stars as decorated soldier Captain Colter Stevens, a man recruited to travel into the past to save a Chicago commuter train from exploding on its tracks. We recently caught up with director Duncan Jones and cast members Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, and Vera Farmiga to chat about the intricacies of time travel and the story behind Source Code. To check out our exclusive interviews, click on the clip below.

Source Code was released April 1st, 2011.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Director Duncan Jones Takes Sam Rockwell to the ‘Moon’!

Duncan Jones comes out blazing with his directorial debut, Moon. Set in the near future, earth's energy needs have been solved by extracting Helium Three from moon rocks. This is the job of one man, Sam Bell (the always fantastic Sam Rockwell), serving a three year contract running the extraction machines. His only company is a HAL-like computer, Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey). Sam is a mere two weeks from going home when an accident warps his reality. He wakes up from the accident to find a clone of himself on the station. This discovery leads Sam to question his sanity, job, and the very nature of his existence.

Jones squeezes every penny out of his five million dollar budget. Daringly original, the plot is matched by superb visual effects, musical score, and performance from Sam Rockwell. Duncan Jones, who's initial claim to fame is that of David Bowie's son, has a tremendous future as a science fiction director. He was very lucid in our interview, an ideas man with the skill to execute. I can't wait for his next film.

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The ‘Moon’ Trailer and Poster Hits!

IGN has revealed the debut trailer for Moon, director Duncan Jones's philosophical Sci-Fi thriller for Sony Pictures. Check out the trailer and brand new one-sheet below.

Opening in theaters June 12th, the film stars Sam Rockwell, Kaya Scodelario, Benedict Wong, Matt Berry, Malcolm Stewart and Dominique McElligott.

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Kevin Spacey Is Orbiting ‘The Moon’

During a recent interview with Sam Rockwell, io9 learned that Kevin Spacey will be playing the voice of a robot in the upcoming thriller Moon. The movie is being directed by David Bowie's son Duncan Jones.

The film will be released sometime next year.

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