Moon Review

“Sam Rockwell's Monumental Performance. A Movie This Great Comes By Only Once In A Blue MOON”

June 13th, 2009

Look no further, MOON is this year’s best sci-fi drama of the year. Duncan Jones’ original story doesn’t meet our expectations, it surpasses them. For an indie flick, I am very impressed with the VFX that MOON has, goes to show that with great craftsmanship, a small movie like this can go a long way. The term Oscar worthy performance is loosely used these days but Sam Rockwell claims it as his own, as if all the years of his career have led him up to this one defining moment. Rockwell’s acting is excellent, compelling, and masterful. A movie this great comes by only once in a blue MOON.

Remember the name director Duncan Jones because he’s going to be the next powerful force to be reckon with. He let Nathan Parker write the screenplay but clearly Jones has the vision down pat and knows what he wants realized on screen. He uses every resource available to not let it fall short. I’m going to own the DVD because I’m very much curious to see the making or the production of this movie. Not only will you feel like you’re on the moon, you’ll also sense the isolation and solitude that would come with it. Rockwell’s character, Sam Bell is surrounded by the same things and the same activities every single day for 3 years and the environment created will leave you in awe and also give that tedious mood, it would drive a man insane after a while.

What I enjoy the best about the story is how unpredictable it gets. I try and try to guess the explanations but it doesn’t let me put the pieces together and solve the whole puzzle until it explains itself eventually.

This could easily be a horror thriller but that was never Duncan Jones’ intention and I’m glad he chose it this way instead.

I thought the talking computer could easily be as wacko as Hal from 2001 Space Odyssey but that’s not the case. I thought the other Sam Bell could plan on killing the other guy but that’s not the case.

What we get instead is a powerful human drama that rises out of madness and chaos culminated by the longing to have your own identity, your own past, your own dreams, your own home not just something that’s been automatically programmed for you.

Great editing, perfect art design, excellent cinematography, convincing costume, and mind-blowing visual effects. Duncan Jones is lucky to have worked with talented folks who understand what he has in mind.

Some might argue this movie contains your usual sci-fi cliche,.. I’d argue back and say that this contains exactly that but takes it to a whole new level.

I need to give a special recognition to Sam Rockwell. What an incredibly astounding performance. As Astronaut Sam Bell who’s been lied to, you can see Rockwell deteriorate slowly right in front of your eyes. I don’t want to spoil too much of what you’re going to see for yourself but know this, Rockwell’s on screen presence is the top reason that would keep your attention focused. He is one of those few actors who do their careers the right way. Last year I thought he was overlooked for Choke, I hope this time he’ll finally get the nomination he deserves for this cinematic achievement.

Robert DeNiro has Raging Bull, Jack Nicholson has One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Sam Rockwell has MOON.


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  • ramasscreen-com • 7 years ago

    Much Obliged

    --Rama's SCREEN--


    • moviebuff123 • 7 years ago

      Damn good review Rama.... as usual.


      • 313td • 7 years ago

        Nice review.


        • ramasscreen-com • 7 years ago

          No problem

          Rockwell did really well and I hope he gets recognized

          --Rama's SCREEN--


          • soylentgreenmonkey • 7 years ago

            I have been dying to see this film and have heard nothing but good from Rockwell. But I fear, considering that the competition is pretty much based on popularity, that Rockwell will not win.

            Great review, man.


            • ramasscreen-com • 7 years ago

              I hope you'll get to see it too.

              It's worth watching, every minute of this originality

              --Rama's SCREEN--


              • shelley • 7 years ago

                Great review rama! I have been hearing some real good things about this film. Look forward to seeing it myself, it will be refreshing to see something original and unpredictable.


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