Moonrise Kingdom Review

“The Film Moonrise Kingdom Is A Witty And Whimsical Film. Its Quirky And Different, A Funny And Beautiful Love Story That Brings Out The Kid In All Of Us. With A Well Rounded Cast & Wonderful Director, MK Is A True Delight & Not To Be Missed.”

August 5th, 2012

Wes Anderson is a brilliant filmmaker there is no question. With each passing film we begin to discover how mastered he is as a film director. Its hard to play favorites with this director because all his films are truly the "bees knees". Such classics including Rushmore & the beloved Fantastic Mr. Fox and who can forget The Royal Tenenbaums. All films cherished in there own way that have garnered followings and are considered cult films today. His latest attempt on the silver screen is a wonderful, clumsy film entitled Moonrise Kingdom, a title that does not make much sense at first but it should grow on you. While this film was not as great as his Anderson's past work i still enjoyed the different tone and vibe this film had to offer. The cast was splendid to. Including Bruce Willis, Edward Norton & Bill Murray to name a few. But when looking at the cast while although those names mean something the film more than often belongs to the chemistry of two new comers. Jared Gilman as Sam Shakusky and Kara Hayward as Suzy Bishop. Its hard to believe this is there first feature film, because honestly that looked like pros up there. They really made the film more interesting then it already was. Wes Anderson should be happy with the outcome of his two new child stars because honestly there performances were Oscar Worthy.

Story: (4/5) -The story is set in 1965, on an idyllic New England island called "New Penzance". Twelve-year-old Sam Shakusky (Jared Gilman) is an orphan who is attending a "Khaki Scout" summer camp, Camp Ivanhoe, led by Scout Master Ward (Edward Norton). Suzy Bishop (Kara Hayward) lives on the island with her attorney parents - Walt (Bill Murray) and Laura (Frances McDormand) - and three younger brothers in a house called Summer's End. Sam and Suzy met the previous summer during a church performance of Noye's Fludde by Benjamin Britten, and they remained pen pals over the following year. They made a secret pact to reunite the following summer and run away together - causing a huge a panic in the town. Especially with a deadly storm approaching the island.

Story: (4/5) - The story was great. Not perfect but great. The fact shows the writing in this film was so strong that it truly let the actors do what they had to do. Including the precise comedic timing that was needed in order to get a joke or two across. I really enjoyed watching these youngsters grow throughout the movie and watch them blossom into young becoming actors. Its not timeless but its a nice trip down memory lane for all the old adults that had a similar childhood such as this one. One thing is for certain if you liked the outdoors, played in the woods often. Chances are this film is for you. Acting: (4.5/5) - With a great script and actors like these and director its truly hard to screw this film up. Bruce Willis as the not so "John Mclaine" actually this is like the exact opposite of that persona. Bill Murray as the attorney with a cheating wife and Edward Norton as the head master troop leader that takes his job way to seriously. But the show truly belongs to the newcomersJared Gilman as Sam Shakusky and Kara Hayward as Suzy Bishop. Two 12 year old's that fall in love. The chemistry was there and those two were chosen perfectly for there roles. Direction: (4.5/5) - Whoa direction where do i begin? this was some of the finest directions i have seen this past year. Wes Anderson truly brings something new to the table every-time. From the opening credits to lighting and explosions the cinematography and editing in this movie are top notch and will surly be nominated if not win at next years Academy Awards. Visuals: (4/5) The Swampy-esq vibe really sets the tone for this island and it has all the makes for a quaint little village. Well done.

Overall: (4/5) The film Moonrise Kingdom is a witty and whimsical film. Its quirky and different, A funny and beautiful love story that brings out the kid in all of us. With a well rounded cast & wonderful director, MK is a true delight & not to be missed. What can i say that i have already said. Now being completely honest this was not my first choice to see on a Friday night, but my friends and i had heard good things well enough to pay the price of admission and what we got was something more than i was expecting. I honestly am ashamed that i would doubt Wes Anderson and his ability to direct the screen. But with a terrific ensemble cast such as this one. All the sillyness aside i truly enjoyed this film. It has its moments of sad and depression along with some romance, but its also a sort of coming of age story, that can truly teach us all a lesson or two in the topic of love. Running a smooth 1 hr and 34 mins this is a movie that could do it all. While its not a perfect film, its still a delightful indie comedy that is serious but also really funny and in the end im glad i saw this movie, because now i can tell everyone how good it is. So basically if you have not seen it yet and you want to. Best be doing it already.





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