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“Movie 43 Is An Utter Terrible Disgrace And Lame Excuse To Call Itself A "feature Film" This Film Is So Awful You Should Pay Not To See It. All The Acting Talents Are Simply Wasted On A Film That Should Not Have Even Made It To Theaters In The First Place.”

January 28th, 2013

To call "Movie 43" a movie would actually be paying it a compliment. To call "Movie 43" a comedy makes "Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters" look like a best picture nominee. I can not fathom how terribly this "comedy" was. Unfunny, bland and just plain obnoxious and stupid. From Hugh Jackman to Richard Gere, all the acting talents and abilities are completely muffled and wasted, a film that i would be disgraced to even include on my resume. While i respect these actors and there overall sense of humor, this is a film that should have never been made, but it did. A film that should have never made it to theaters..but it did. Now? the hard earned dollar of america is getting put forth towards this terrible waste of film. I could not believe all the star power that was actually enforced into such a film. For starters what the hell does the title "Movie 43" even mean? it pays no relevance to the overall product on screen. Second? this is not even a movie! more of a sketch comedy act put on screen in the form of 17 skits, there is no story, just blahh. No back-story nothing. With the exception of one chuckle here and there i barley batted an eye-lash, in fact i was more offended than anything, but i suppose that was a given. There is a skit with Johnny Knoxville, Sean William Scott and Gerard Butler as a leprochan that actually had me in tears. That is the only compliment i will be granting towards this film.

Story: There is none. Acting: Now usually with a cast like this you would think there in a bad Gary Marshall romantic comedy ... Oh wait. But with a cast like this you expect things, alot of things. If Richard Gere is not afraid to show his face in this film.. well then its gotta be pretty damn special. Hate to break it to ya folks its not. The writing here is funny and could have been told better if the SNL crew. But instead were putting it into a feature film. Oh wait its not a film. There is no direction, ever 6 mins its something new, something profound, something vulgar and completely stupid. The cast has a sense of humor and i understand that, i respect actors that like to have fun ever now and again. But to waste it on a film like this? yikes. This should have been a slew of Saturday night live sketches, that way, we could see it for free and we may have actually liked it better. There is even a sketch about a man pooping on his girlfriend. Gross right?. Directing: There is no direction, in fact there is over 17 directors throughout this film, could the DIRECTION get any worse? i don't think so. The idea was fun on paper.. but i'm sure even the actors are wondering what the hell they were thinking doing a movie like this. They probably lied to them. Who knows?.

Overall: Movie 43 is an utter terrible disgrace and lame excuse to call itself a "feature film" this film is so awful you should pay not to see it. All the acting talents are simply wasted on a film that should not have even made it to theaters in the first place. Now i have seen alot of terrible films in my time as an online critic. With great films, there are always bad. But this? sets a new low even i can't imagine. I can't remember a time i left a movie theater so pissed off, so cheated. Oh wait yes i do.. remember the remake of Total Recall?. But a comedy.. that was this bad?!?!. I thought i had seen it all. Guess it comes with the territory of being the new year. Now why did i see this film you may wonder? because it looked somewhat interesting, and when you advertise with a cast such as that how can you not resist. Well my better judgement side of me probably should have kept pushing. Instead i am writing this review..and well, you know the rest. Leave it to January to get our year started out right. This is one pile of crap you probably do your best to avoid. Although i see the box office numbers came out already and well..there not pretty. To be honest i'm surprised this film even made that. With hardly any laughs ever. I'd say Movie 43 takes the cake as "Worst Comedy Ever".





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