Mr. Wrong (1996)

Mr. Wrong Poster
  • 4%
Release Date
Nick Castle
Ellen DeGeneres, Bill Pullman, Joan Cusack, Dean Stockwell, Joan Plowright, John Livingston

Mr. Wrong Synopsis

Bright and sassy Martha (DeGeneres) is a '90s woman with an age old problem -- how to recognize Mr. Right when he comes along. A radio talkshow producer, Martha definitely gets her signals crossed when she suddenly meets Whitman (Pullman), a handsome stranger with whom she instantly falls head over heels. However, she soon realizes she's dating a guy who's as right on the outside as he is wrong on the inside, and the ratings on this romance quickly plummet. Calamity prevails as she tries to pull the plug on her love life altogether. But Whitman proceeds to prove that too often, dream dates become nightmares.

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