Mystery Men Review

“Fork You!”

February 13th, 2009

I actually bought this before I saw it for $5.00. That was a good price. I only bought it because of that, and it has Ben Stiller, who is one of the few comedians that I like. It wasn't a total waste to buy, but let's just say I wouldn't have bought it, unless I previously owned it. The problem is... it's just not too funny. At least in the beginning, but then they start to recruit more "Mystery Men" and then it gets a little better. Also the movie is a tad over 2 hours, and doesn't need to be.

The story is one that could have been a little funnier, but did have it's moments. It's when theses superhero wannabes have to rescue Captain Amazing. None of them really have any real powers, so they hire some other heroes to help them. The story doesn't need to be 2 hours, and it could have had some more jokes thrown in the .

The acting is pretty good. I mean it does take slight skill to be an idiot like them. Ben Stiller is brilliant, along with Greg Kinnear, who I last saw in a cool film called The Matador, that also had Pierce Brosnan. Also William H. Macy. They all do well, and make the movie as funny as possible. Ben Stiller... his power I couldn't figure out. I guess it was rage, but I'm not sure. William H. Macy is a miner, and uses a shovel to fight evil, and I'm not going to give away all the powers, but there is also a guy who is good with forks ("Fork you!"), and a invisible guy, who only turns invisible when no one is looking (that was the funniest part).

The director is Kinka Usher... never even heard of them. Honestly, I can't even tell if that's a male or female name. But like I said, they could have done more with the movie, so I blame the director and writer, ho were different.

The visuals are actually pretty good. Their outfits are some of the funniest parts actually. They are hard to explain, but they're certainly are... original.

Overall, a movie that I don't recommend you go out and see soon, but one that you can get to just when you have the chance. Maybe wait for a chance to see it free.

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