Nancy Drew Review

“Emma Roberts' Incarnation Of The Famous Sleuth Will Have Audiences Once Again Charmed By Nancy And Her Bright Young Mind, Quest For Adventure, Fun Spirit, And An Amazing Amount Of Skills. Emma Is The Perfect Nancy Drew For The Current Generation.”

June 14th, 2007

What do you get when you combine one of today's best young actresses with one of history's best young detectives? A cute, hip, modern version of the classic Nancy Drew mysteries. This new movie stars Emma Roberts as the classic teen detective who leaves her home in River Heights for the big city. Nancy and her dad (Tate Donovan) move to Los Angeles temporarily where she enrolls in Hollywood High, and is, to put it bluntly, not the typical Hollywood High student. She is smart, witty, and has her own fashion sense. Nancy is a vision in plaid and penny loafers. The local realtor tells her she is "a makeover waiting to happen," but Nancy doesn't change her appearance one iota in order to fit in. She is Nancy Drew - and happy with herself.

The Drews move into the Draycott mansion where a famous actress was murdered long ago. And you know, where ever Nancy Drew goes something always happens. The murder is one of the "greatest unsolved cases of all time," and something Nancy cannot resist. Although she promised her dad she would give up sleuthing while they were in California and lead a normal life, let's face it, sleuthing is in her blood. She cannot resist a mystery and is soon deep into intrigue. And when her boyfriend from River Heights shows up in California, Nancy has more than she bargained for. But everyone knows once Nancy has a mystery to solve there is no stopping her.

As Nancy gathers clues to the mystery, she manages to get into a lot of danger. But, keeping her cool head, she also manages to get out of several dangerous situations. "I think it's fun for kids to see someone their own age solving mysteries in an adult world and doing so many cool things," says Roberts. "Nancy is pretty fearless. Even if she's scared, she pretends not to be, because she has to hold it together until she gets to the end and solves the mystery."

Emma Roberts is adorable - as always - in this role. She could take this character on to several more films. And, as a matter of fact, she is. Another film is in the works so fans have something to look forward to. Emma is the perfect Nancy Drew for the current generation.

The Nancy Drew Mysteries were first published in 1930 and have been entertaining readers through the generations. Nancy has been a role model for over seventy five years. This young heroine has undertaken challenges and solved countless mysteries, all the while remaining a sweet, charming, self-confident girl. And Emma Roberts' incarnation of the famous sleuth will have audiences once again charmed by Nancy and her bright young mind, quest for adventure, fun spirit, and an amazing amount of skills.

Get a clue! This film is going to be a hit with teen girls this summer.

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