Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Review

“Am The Nightguard-This Is Way Better Than The First!”

June 7th, 2009

Since 2006 we have somewhat missed Larry Daily and his normal post at being the night watchmen for the museum of natural history. Well It has been 2 years and i guess he has moved on.

The Story here is pretty good the story got me curious because the trailer really did not give us much info. But i was not dissapointed. The Whole gang is back with some new characters.-I was looking for Carla Gugino-from the first one i guess she is not in it anymore???. Well everyone is being moved to the Smithsonian which is probably one of the biggest museums in the world.

I Liked this one better than the first because there was more adventure in this one. There was more action and the humor was top noch do not get wrong i was laughing like crazy in the theater.

The Acting was great Hank Azaria i tip my hot to you he was the one that made me crack up the most along with the small scene with Jonah Hill wish we could have seen more of HIM!!!. Ben Stiller was just kind of the person who you needed to follow i mean look at all the historical figures in this movie and we are supposed to be paying attention to Him????. NO!. But i was still glad to see him in this movie Amy Adams was good as the love intrest but like i said where is Carla Gugino????.

This movie is a great Family Fun movie take YOUR KIDS!!! this is the perfect movie Next to Up (Which i have not seen but i will). This is a fun time at the movies. I reccomend this to you


Rated PG


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  • 313td • 7 years ago

    5 stars,I don't think so.


    • moviebuff123 • 7 years ago

      Anyone who doesn't know Hank Azaria can't really be that old so its no wonder why MovieFan2345 likes this film. Like you said Sly... its made for kids.

      MovieFan... how old are you? You've gotta be 15 yrs old or less. Right?


      • slysnide • 7 years ago

        Hank Azaria? Of course, he's always funny. Never fails at that it seems.


        • moviefan2345 • 7 years ago

          look i have to disagree with everyone here. i liked this movie a lot. Ben Stiller is funny and that guy who plays Kahmunrah is hysterical.


          • slysnide • 7 years ago

            neither of these films are aimed at people our age Trae, hence why Stiller wasn't funny in the same ways he can be in other flicks. it was meant for kids, so it wouldn't garner many good points on this site from us users anyway.


            • redcameraman • 7 years ago

              I agree, it's as trashy as the first one!


              • thenewdrug89 • 7 years ago

                it's carla Gugino...and this movie was trash.


                • catwoman • 7 years ago



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