Nosferatu Review

“Gargamel Meets Count Chocuala”

December 7th, 2013

The soundtrack was frighting and the main vampire Count Orlok or people call him Nosferatu is one scary and creepy Bad-ass vampire. the movie is in black and white and that makes the movie more scary because if Count Orlok was in color he will look like Gargamel or count chocula, so if they did a remake of this movie in the future they should make it in to black and white. the nick picks that I have on the movie is the movie is a silent movie and you have to read it and don't get me wrong I like silent movies but if your a fast reader then you are going to think that this movie is slow because the words are they for 1 that is my review of this movie and I really loved it more then the remake in the 70's.

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