Nothing But the Truth


Inspired by today’s politically charged climate, “Nothing But The Truth” features Kate Beckinsale as Washington, DC political journalist Rachel Armstrong, who writes an explosive story about a government scandal in which she reveals the name of a covert CIA agent (Vera Farmiga). When a special government prosecutor (Matt Dillon) demands she divulge her source, she refuses and finds herself behind bars, struggling to defend the principles she has based her career upon.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kate Beckinsale Tells Us ‘Nothing But the Truth’

Nothing But the Truth reveals its final verdict on December 19, 2008.

Nothing But the Truth was released December 19th, 2008.

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Watch the ‘Nothing But the Truth’ Trailer!

Moviefone has posted the first trailer for the new political film, Nothing But the Truth, which is set for release on December 19. Click below for this brand new trailer for the film starring Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Alan Alda, Vera Farmiga, Harry Lennix, David Schwimmer, Angela Bassett, Noah Wyle and directed by Rod Lurie.

The story centers on female newspaper reporter (Beckinsale) who outs a CIA agent and is imprisoned for refusing to reveal her source. Schwimmer will play Beckinsale's husband, who initially supports his wife's decision not to name names but as time goes by begins to resent her for choosing a principle over her family.

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Angela Bassett Seeks ‘Nothing But the Truth’

Angela Bassett has joined the cast of Yari Film Group's Nothing but the Truth. According to Variety, Noah Wyle has also come aboard this Rod Lurie thriller.

Bassett will play the editor-in-chief of a Washington-based daily newspaper. One of her reporters has outed a CIA agent in an article and is sent to jail for refusing to name her source. Kate Beckinsale, Matt Dillon, Alan Alda, Vera Farmiga, Harry Lennix and David Schwimmer also star in the project.

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