Novel Romance Review

“This Smart Romantic Comedy Is Fun And Lighthearted. The Dialogue Is Quick, Witty, And Sharp With Double Entendres, Metaphors, Quotes From Famous Writers, Literary References, Wisecracking, And Often Very Rapid Repartee.”

October 8th, 2006

"Novel Romance" is a clever story about a career-minded intelligent woman, Max Normane (Tracy Lords), who has not had the best luck in the love department. Unfortunately she comes to the conclusion that a man is not in the cards for her at the same time she realizes she wants to have a child. This is a dilemma for many women.

Max is a top-notch editor of a literary magazine. She is intrigued by a story by a new, unpublished writer and when they meet to discuss his work, the banter becomes a cross match between two dueling, quick, sharp-tongued, intelligent people. Jake Buckley (Paul Johanssen) takes offense and storms out of her office. But Max is not deterred. She tracks him down and makes a deal. She offers to print her edited version of his story in the magazine, in return for his "seed." She knows he is a fabulous writer and she feels with his writing talent and her editorial talent, they would produce a special child. Jake reluctantly agrees to this deal after his mentor (Mariette Hartley) tells him any writer would jump at the chance to be published in that magazine.

After Max becomes pregnant and delivers the baby, Jake takes off and becomes a popular novelist. But there is something pulling the two of them together. Oh no. Could it be, don't say it, love?

Writer/Director Emily Skopov says the story has an added perspective, one that takes place off the screen. "I got pregnant with my first child while writing the script," she says, "was in my ninth month with my second while shooting it, and just as it's coming out, Traci Lords has announced she's pregnant with her first child. This is all very fortuitous, since one of the film's main pivotal points is the main character's desire to have a child."

While in production, after a heated argument with one of the actors Emily went into labor but managed to hold out until after the shooting wrapped even though they were only half-way through the shoot! When she puts her mind to something, nothing stops her. And this is the same with her main character Max who, once she decided she wanted to have a child with Jake, stopped at nothing until she got her wish. By the way, Emily didn't let the cast know she was in labor until after they wrapped. The actor with whom she had the argument felt terrible about it, but now they have something to laugh about and a funny story to tell about the production.

This smart romantic comedy is fun and lighthearted. The dialogue is quick, witty, and sharp with double entendres, metaphors, quotes from famous writers, literary references, wisecracking, and often very rapid repartee. The actors are wonderful and the script is adorable.

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