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Lars von Trier's upcoming film, Nymphomaniac, follows a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac, who recounts her erotic experiences to the man who saved her after a beating.

Nymphomaniac Volume I News
Nymphomaniac Extended Director's Cut Debuts This OctoberNymphomaniac Extended Director's Cut Debuts This October
Director Lars Von Trier's two-part Nymphomaniac feature will be merged into one cut for this VOD release in the U.S., Canada and other markets.
Nymphomaniac: Volume I and II Debut on Blu-ray and DVD July 8thNymphomaniac: Volume I and II Debut on Blu-ray and DVD July 8th
Take a look at the cover art and special features for the Nymphomaniac sets, which include both of these feature-length movies and new special features.
Nymphomaniac: Volume I TrailerNymphomaniac: Volume I Trailer
Forget about love this Valentine's Day and embark on Joe's journey as she flashes back through her life as a sex addict.
New Nymphomaniac Photos and Character PortraitsNew Nymphomaniac Photos and Character Portraits
Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Slater and Willem Dafoe are featured in these latest images. Tread carefully, some of this material may be considered explicit.
Nymphomaniac Poster with Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte GainsbourgNymphomaniac Poster with Shia LaBeouf and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Charlotte Gainsbourg and Shia LaBeouf take on different studies in this latest look. Lars Von Trier's erotic drama debuts in two-parts next Spring.
Nymphomaniac Volume I and Volume II Posters
Forget about love in this two-part drama from director Lars Von Trier. Charlotte Gainsbourg stars in this sexually-charged tale that spans a lifetime.
Nymphomaniac Will Be Released in Two Parts Spring 2014
The films will be released less than one month apart, both arriving on VOD before hitting theaters. Find out when you can see Lars Von Trier's erotic drama.
Nymphomaniac Clip 'Chapter 6: The Eastern and The Western Church'
Meet K, played by Jamie Bell in this erotic adventure. He gives an inscribed whip to Charlotte Gainsbourg's finer assets.
Nymphomaniac Red Band Trailer
A young woman opens up about her erotic adventures to the man who rescues her. Lars Von Trier directs this drama, in theaters Christmas Day.
Two Nymphomaniac Posters
Lars von Trier directs this sexually-charged drama. The story centers on a young woman who tells her erotic tales to an older man.
The Nymphomaniac Cast Bare All for 14 New Character Posters
See Shia LaBeouf, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe and many more like you've never seen them before. Lars von Trier's erotic drama hits theaters on Christmas Day.
Nymphomaniac Clip 'Chapter 4: Delirium'
Delirium: Confusion. Delusion. Hallucination. The nymphomaniac's father dies.
Nymphomaniac Clip 'Chapter Three: Mrs. H'
Uma Thurman and Charlotte Gainsbourg show a couple of children the 'whoring bed' in this scene from Lars Von Trier's drama.
Nymphomaniac Clip Presents Chapter Two: Jerome with Shia LaBeouf
Plus, we have a racy photo featuring the actor and Stacy Martin from director Lars Von Trier's sexually-charged drama, in theaters December 25th.
Nymphomaniac Clip Presents Chapter One: The Compleat Angler
Two women psych themselves up for an Illicit encounter in a train bathroom in this first look at Lars von Trier's sexual drama.
Nymphomaniac Promo Art with Willem Dafoe and Shia LaBeouf
Zentropa Entertainment announced that director Lars von Trier's upcoming drama will have its world premiere in Copenhagen, Denmark this December.
Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac Acquired by Magnolia Pictures
Stellan Skarsgard, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Shia LaBeouf star in this drama about a woman who shares her erotic tales with the man who saved her.
The Nymphomaniac Adds Willem Dafoe and Udo Kier
Jean-Marc Barr, Caroline Goodall, and Saskia Reeves have also joined the cast of Lars von Trier's upcoming drama.
Uma Thurman Joins The Nymphomaniac
Charlotte Gainsbourg stars as the title character, who tells her sexually-charged story to a good samaritan.
Christian Slater Joins The Nymphomaniac
The actor will portray the father of Charlotte Gainsbourg's Joe in this drama chronicling her sexual journey up until the age of 50.
Jamie Bell and Connie Nielsen Join The Nymphomaniac
Shia LaBeouf, Stellan Skarsgard, and Charlotte Gainsbourg star in Lars von Trier's pornographic drama
Shia LaBeouf Circles Lars Von Trier's Nymphomaniac
The erotic drama follows a woman's sexual adventures through her youth to age fifty, as told from her husbands perspective.
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