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“In These Dark Times, People Need Something To Believe In.”

May 29th, 2009

When I first saw the trailer for this I was like "Hell no!" But over the time of me seeing that preview over and over, a lot happened. I now, am open to the comedy genre. Ok, so I used to hate every comedy ever made, with a few exceptions. But then I kinda got into watching comedies. And some I hated, some I liked, especially ones with Seth Rogen. Since this had Seth Rogen, I wanted to see it... But there was this one problem. It has male nudity. Ewwwww. But I got over it, and saw the movie! I do not regret it!

The story is like a better, funier version of this year's (2009) Mall Cop. Now, Mall Cop isn't about a psycho flasher guy, but the film has a lot of similarities. Such as a heavier lead character, who lives with his mom, and wants a girlfriend, takes his job as a mall security gaurd very seriosly, and there's one girl around the mall that he likes. There's more too, but those are the MAIN ones. Anyway, this is about a crazy guy who exposes himself around a mall, and it's up to Seth Rogen, and his team to stop him!! It's a funny story that thankfully, doesn't over-do his flashing. And don't worry, you only see him flash at the end, no where else in between.

Seth Rogen is easily one of the funniest comedians ever (sorry Vamp!). He is so funny, and I'm glad to see him in movies. What makes him so funny is his ability to just say the jokes. He always says the crude humor, and the foul lauange in the regular ways to tell clean jokes, which most comedians fail to do, but I guess it's ok- some of them don't even try. They say it like it's meant to be gross. Seth Rogen says it like it's meant to be funny- and it is! He's the reason I love Zack and Miri Make a Porno so much! Now, for this movie, there wasn't a bunch of crude humor, but there was foul lauange! As for the other actors, I thought they were all good, but Anna Farris. Now, don't get me wrong, I love her in Scary Movie 3, and 4 (1 and 2 are gross) and in mostly her other stuff. But she can be annoying after a while. But in this movie, it's not even after a while, she just started to get on my nerves the moment she started talking. She did have a few funy parts, but overall, I'm very glad her character wasn't in it too much. I couldn't have taken it! I also didn't like Seth Rogen's mother. But that was her character, not her acting.

Now, I normally think Anna Farris is pretty, but in this, she looked strange. She had too much Botox or something in this one. Bu the other girl Seth Rogen talks to, Collette Wolfe, now she's pretty. Just thought I'd throw that out there for all you Anna Farris fans, that she doesn't look her best!

Jody Hill is the director. I thought that was a girl at first, but it isn't. I love how the film is directed, because with most comedies, the actors say their funny lines, and the director doesn't do anything to make them funnier. But this time, it looked like the director had quite a bit of involvement in his movie. Tough to explain, but you'll see. The way the music was placed, and the slow-mo shots they did of the stuck-up security gaurds made the film all the more hilarious.

So, overall, had a few unfunny parts, but for the most part non-stop laughter! I'm not sure if you'll be able to catch a showign in theaters anymore, but definitely get this one DVD!

Oh, by the way, the flasher looks deformed down there.

No soell check.


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