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“Let Me Ask You Something - How Much Did They Get Paid To Storm Normandy, How Much Did King Arthur Get Paid To Kill Merlin, How Much Did They Get Paid To Invent Television? Nothing. They Did It Because They Knew It Was Right. ”

October 25th, 2009

Alright, when I first saw a trailer for OBSERVE AND REPORT, I thought, "This just looks like another stupid Seth Rogen comedy". BUT, when I saw this trailer for this I had never actually seen a Seth Rogen movie and from the way they all looked, I didn't care for him. BUT, while this was at the movies, I saw KNOCKED UP on HBO. Liked it! Then I saw ZACH AND MIRI. Thought it was alright. Then I saw the Adam Sandler comedy over the summer that starred Seth Rogen: FUNNY PEOPLE. Loved it! So, from all the Seth Rogen movies I saw I actually thought he was kind of funny. So, recently I rented this. Some of this was stupid and not that funny but most of this was just non-stop laughter! This is a very funny movie that a comedy-person can enjoy!

OBSERVE AND REPORT. Your probably thinking PAUL BLART: MALL COP. Yes, they both have some similarities but OBSERVE AND REPORT is a lot better. PAUL BLART: MALL COP wasn't even funny to me or interesting. OBSERVE AND REPORT was. The similarties of this movie are this: the two characters are MALL COP'S. They both take there jobs very seriously. They both are chubby. They both live with there mom. They both have a crush in the mall. And they both have that same character in a way only KEVIN JAMES is the PG version and SETH ROGEN is the R-RATED one for this mall cop character. BUT, I must tell you, OBSERVE AND REPORT is a lot better than PAUL BLART: MALL COP. Well, at leat, in my opinon it is.


Seth Rogen does a good job in this movie. I mean, he acts like an idiot for the whole thing but he's still a funny guy. Anna Faris, the women from THE HOUSE BUNNY and SMILEY FACE stars in this as Brandy. I thought her character was a little 'eh' to me. I didn't care for her character at all but I guess I can't complain. Every character in this was supposed to be an idiot. lol. As for all the other performences, they were pretty funny.


The direction of this movie was fine. It never bothered me. Nothing shaky. As for the direction of the movie it was fine.


For a comedy, the movie actually has some visuals. All the action scenes were hilarious to me! As for the visuals, they were fine. Nothing bad.


A funny-to-heck comedy movie that'll give you a laugh!


Some of the humor was a little silly and it had a lot of stupid parts. BUT, overall, I really enjoyed this movie! BUT, some of the pointless punch-lines and idiotic sentences could've been left out to make this movie better. But, oh well. I still rated 4.5 stars.


OVERALL, a non-stop laughter fest! I thought that OBSERVE AND REPORT was the perfect 87 minute comedy time! I definatly recommend this to anybody who wants a good laugh. SEE OBSERVE AND REPORT!




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  • the-screenwriter • 7 years ago

    haha. well then. lmao. I only thought Zach and Miri was alright.


    • catwoman • 7 years ago

      another stolen opinion/review...bitch. jk.

      i had the same opinion on Rogen, but then when i saw him act, i started to love him. first movie i saw him in was Zack and Miri make a Porno. now, that and this are my 2 favorite comedies ever.


      • the-screenwriter • 7 years ago

        Alright. I edited it and finished it. Thanks for the read.


        • the-screenwriter • 7 years ago

          i will finish this review later. sorry.


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