One Day Reviews

  • Scherfig demonstrated her ability to infuse a talky script with plenty of wordless mood in An Education. But in One Day, the words - many of them taken directly from the book - are never convincing.

    Lisa Schwarzbaum — Entertainment Weekly

  • "One Day" turns an episodic story into an anthology of feelings and associations, many familiar, a few surprising, some embarrassing and one or two worth holding onto.

    A.O. Scott — New York Times

  • Amid sharp banter, the film poignantly captures how lives meander and take unexpected turns.

    Claudia Puig — USA Today

  • Nicholls has proven a faithful shepherd to his fictional creations, who banter and rant at each other with the practiced elan of the aging couple they're clearly meant to be.

    Ann Hornaday — Washington Post

  • A miscast, underwritten, drably directed adaptation of a very popular novel, it's the feel-bad film of the summer and an almost perfect example of how not to turn a book into a movie.

    Ty Burr — Boston Globe

  • "Sense of humor is overrated," Emma says at one point, and while she means it ironically, the true irony is that One Day's sense of humor is sorely lacking.

    Karina Longworth — Village Voice

  • As 1992 rolls around, a sense of dread sets in: Are they really going to do every single year?

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • The movie's content and style generate all the synergy of fingernails and blackboard.

    Joe Morgenstern — Wall Street Journal

  • In a season of movies dumb and dumber, "One Day" has style, freshness, and witty bantering dialogue.

    Roger Ebert — Chicago Sun-Times

  • When a movie inflates the importance of a love story that is predominantly comic in tone, even with a fair share of grief and loss built into the plot, that love story takes on more than it can handle.

    Michael Phillips — Chicago Tribune

  • Watchable but not very gripping.

    J. R. Jones — Chicago Reader

  • The performances are overeager. Particularly distracting is Hathaway's accent, which is less Yorkshire than New York.

    Carrie Rickey — Philadelphia Inquirer

  • "One Day" won't set the world on fire but it radiates pleasing warmth.

    Colin Covert — Minneapolis Star Tribune

  • Miscasting aside, there's simply very little excitement to the film since you can see where it's going -- chances are even just by reading this review -- right from the start.

    Tom Long — Detroit News

  • We simply zoom in and zoom out of the characters' lives rather than develop any kind of emotional attachment to them.

    Randy Cordova — Arizona Republic

  • It's a sweet, harmless, meandering tale with an engaging gimmick, but a great love story -- or a great movie -- it's not.

    Una LaMarche — New York Observer

  • On a moment-by-moment basis, Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess make this long-arc love story viable, sometimes even vital. But the structural conceit proves more reductive than expansive.

    Justin Chang — Variety

  • There are no sparks whatsoever, and that's always a deal-breaker for me in romantic films.

    Lou Lumenick — New York Post

  • It's a frustrating film, never light enough on its feet to be cute, never heartfelt enough to achieve "You had me at 'Hello.'"

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • Long before the credits roll, you may find yourself wishing your life could flash before your eyes, to end the monotony of this relentless turning of calendar pages.

    Peter Howell — Toronto Star

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