Open Water


Based on true events, "Open Water" follows an American couple, Daniel and Susan, (Travis and Ryan) on an island holiday. Upon arrival at their hotel, we learn that Daniel and Susan's relationship is under strain from their workaholic lifestyles, and they need a vacation even more than they realized. The next morning, the loving and rested couple, certified scuba divers, board a local dive boat for an underwater tour of the reef. The boat is crowded with other vacationers, and due to a series of innocent miscommunications and a distracted crew, the couple is, after only 40 minutes or so underwater, accidentally left behind. What follows is the story of their ordeal: cold, alone and miles from land, the couple is adrift in shark-infested waters.

‘Open Water’ comes to DVD December 28th

"This is a true indie hit," Lions Gate president Steve Beeks said. " Open Water is the kind of indie film that Lions Gate is always looking for. It's a film that was made on a shoestring and yet stands out as truly unique.

"We plan to back this release with a significant advertising and marketing campaign that will include television, radio and print along with specialized marketing at the retail level," he added.

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COMIC-CON 2004: Exclusive 1-1 Interviews with the Cast of ‘Open Water’!

COMIC-CON 2004: Exclusive 1-1 Interviews with the Cast of ‘Open Water’!

Friday afternoon, I was locked in a closet with Blanchard "Billboard" Ryan and her on-screen partner Daniel Travis. This is what takes place when you have yet to see an actor's movie...

(Head to the bottom of the interview for "exclusive to Movieweb" information about the making of this film...

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EXCLUSIVE: Your first look at the final ‘Open Water’ poster!

Open Water: We've got an exclusive look at the final one-sheet poster for the upcoming horror-thriller, Open Water, for you to feast upon!

The film, hitting theaters August 6th, stars Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis, Saul Stein, Estelle Lau, Michael E. Williamson, Cristina Zenaro and John Charles.

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New ‘Collateral’ and ‘Open Water’ posters

Thanks to CHUD and DreamWorks Fansite new posters for Collateral and Open Water are now online! Click the poster image below for a high resolution look...

CLICK HERE for a larger look!

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