Out of the Blue (2007)

Out of the Blue Cast
Karl Urban Karl Urban Nick Harvey
Matthew Sunderland Matthew Sunderland David Gray
Lois Lawn Lois Lawn Helen Dickson
Simon Ferry Simon Ferry Garry Holden
Tandi Wright Tandi Wright Julie-Anne Bryson
Paul Glover Paul Glover Paul Knox
William Kircher William Kircher Stu Guthrie
Georgia Fabish Georgia Fabish Chiquita Holden
Fayth Rasmussen Fayth Rasmussen Stacey Percy
Timothy Bartlett Timothy Bartlett Jimmy Dickson
Tony Bishop Tony Bishop Ross Percy
Baxter Cannell Baxter Cannell Dion Percy
Murray Davidson Murray Davidson Bank Manager
Dave Dudfield Dave Dudfield AOSATS Officer
Nick Duval-Smith Nick Duval-Smith Brian Wilson
Natalie Ellis Natalie Ellis Dorothy Crimp
Fatu Ioane Fatu Ioane Aleki Tali
Brenda Kendall Brenda Kendall Garry Holden's Mother
Richard Knowles Richard Knowles Rene Aarsen
Thomas Lee-Batley Thomas Lee-Batley Leo Wilson
Out of the Blue Directors
Robert Sarkies Robert Sarkies Director
Out of the Blue Writers
Bill O'Brien Bill O'Brien book "Aramoana: Twenty Two Hours of Terror"
Robert Sarkies Robert Sarkies writer
Graeme Tetley Graeme Tetley written by

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