Out of the Furnace Review

“Calling It The Biggest Disappointment Of The Year Doesn't Even Begin To Describe OUT OF THE FURNACE”

December 8th, 2013

Christian Bale has been ranked as a top-teir actor in my book since 2005 when he took on the role as Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan's Batman reboot. Since then he's proven to many how much talent he holds and even went on to win an Oscar for his performance in 2010's The Fighter. Looking at the trailer for OUT OF THE FURNACE, I really thought Bale would be gaining himself yet another Oscar win only three years later. While the acting may not be the problem with this film, I wish good luck to everyone trying to enjoy the wonderful performances lurking in a bland, dusty atmosphere of a film. The biggest disappointment of the year doesn't even begin to describe OUT OF THE FURNACE.

The trailer for the film was crafted almost flawlessly. Taking the most intense moments, using the best lines, using a perfectly toned song, lets just throw this out there--OUT OF THE FURNACE looked amazing. Christian Bale, Woody Harrleson, Zoe Saldana, Casey Affleck, William Dafoe...I mean, what a spectacular cast, right? Don't let this obvious factor mislead you. The performances aren't the problem. In fact, OUT OF THE FURNACE is one of the most well-performed films of the year--especially from Affleck who gives a very deep and intense performance as Bale's brother. But in all honestly, it saddens me to say that the acting couldn't save OUT OF THE FURNACE from it's sloppy form of story-telling and it's slow and painful approach.

The movie is brutal and it has all the tools it needed to be a wonderful film. So where did it go wrong? Build-up basically curses the film in the worst ways possible. OUT OF THE FURNACE takes entirely 75 percent of the film to get to the point we as an audience are waiting for. It takes much too long setting us up for a balls to the wall conclusion. Right when OUT OF THE FURNACE starts getting gritty and awesome--it ends. Don't you just hate when that happens?

The directing is great and the cinematography is amazing. There's no denying OUT OF THE FURNACE isn't a wonderful looking film. This could have been a huge hit had it had a better script. Flawless acting, a good story, and great scenery is just wasted here because the film just couldn't hold up with its most important missing factor. You want your Bale fix? Save it for AMERICAN HUSTLE.

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Written by Corey Wood


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