Pandorum Reviews

  • As always, Foster sells the hell out of his role but non-sci-fi fans may well themselves be driven mad long before the end.

    Clark Collis — Entertainment Weekly

  • According to the press notes, pandorum means "Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome"; whatever that is, by the end of the movie I was convinced I had caught it.

    Jeannette Catsoulis — New York Times

  • Pandorum is less a story than a prolonged bout of paranoid hysterics, exuberantly played out on metal gangplanks and inside Stygian tunnels. As such, it works just fine.

    Xan Brooks — Guardian [UK]

  • Director Christian Alvart and screenwriter Travis Malloy must have seen Aliens in the cradle, for they've digested it with love and delivered smart thrills that will please more than genre fans.

    Justine Elias — Boston Globe

  • Throughout, some obvious questions pop up immediately.

    Joe Neumaier — New York Daily News

  • The sort of thing that makes you wish you were playing a video game instead.

    Cliff Doerksen — Chicago Reader

  • Lazily derivative.

    Rob Nelson — Variety

  • It's a tight, minimalist Alien-esque "something is loose and hunting people on our space ship" picture that is as claustrophobic as you'd expect, if not quite as paranoid as you might hope.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • The long middle portion does get tedious, obvious and downright laughable, but sci-fi fans probably won't regret the experience.

    Peter Howell — Toronto Star

  • Alvart's cynicism about the current state of mankind helps make futuristic Pandorum interesting, but what makes it fun is his evident enthusiasm and talent for exploring the conventions of sci-fi films.

    Stephen Cole — Globe and Mail

  • A grizzled Quaid and an intense Foster do their best to keep straight faces, but this is not an effort likely to figure prominently on their resumes.

    Frank Scheck — Hollywood Reporter

  • (Pandorum movie review at Time Out)

    Keith Uhlich — Time Out

  • (Pandorum movie review at BBC Radio Five Live)

    Mark Kermode — BBC Radio Five Live

  • [Pandorum] might seem like a potentially cool movie, but unfortunately the key word is "potentially".

    Matt Neal — The Standard

  • A gorgeous production design can't save the picture from trying too hard to dazzle with very little inspiration, and while Pandorum is easy to stare at, it can be a seriously punishing sit.

    Brian Orndorf —

  • A little bit 'Eden Log,' a little bit 'Descent,' and a whole lot of 'Alien,' 'Pandorum' ultimately succeeds as a watchable sci-fi/horror/mystery.

    Lucius Gore — ESplatter

  • a sci-fi scenario far less interested in exploring outer space than human interiors where the only 'aliens' are our own monstrous selves, just waiting to leap out of the atavistic shadows.

    Anton Bitel — Eye for Film

  • (Pandorum movie review at ScreenRant)

    Kofi Outlaw — ScreenRant

  • It's basically a zombie movie set-up on an industrial spaceship, a fast-moving B-movie that throws out lots of theories that don't stand up to the light of reason...

    Sean Axmaker —

  • I liked this movie even more on the second viewing. The monsters were trivial, but the plot was intriguing. Granted you would have to be a hard-core sci-fi fan to like this. Paul Chambers, CNN.

    Paul Chambers — CNNRadio

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