Paranormal Activity 3 Review

“Beyond The Boundaries Of A Masterpiece In Horror”

October 24th, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 in itself is the highest budgeted and most compellingly scary horror of this year and of the series, or in a whole- a while. I first bumped into this series after a purchase of the first- found it riveting, a new outlook on found footage and just undoubtedly creepy fun, but the sequel had not fared well, i didn't give that a try, and if honest it still has an unreasonable price attached to itself. But the dawning of watching my first Paranormal film in cinemas was very tense, the volume cranked up- digitally produced and it is just a shocker, but through the duration you get a tense taunt feeling, creeping sensations- but i myself sat up and was tacking the fear like a very bewildered man- inside screaming shouting for the long takes and tracking shots to end with at least a beneficially loud jump- which it does- and worse.

Catfish- a documentary of the most realistic form about pitted angst, love, lust and the connective of the wholesome evil world of Facebook was a leap in the making of films. But people myself wondered- how can doc' men create a furiously paced, tense fictional film. The easiest option is to say- these guys directed a fairly highly acclaimed film let's get them- but in retrospect they made that film as a small project, something that they didn't expect would be what it was, namely these guys trying to create something, find a project, now they have they have offers piling up. For that they are filmmakers-what makes you think they wanted to create- mock-docs' and real ones seething through their friend/ brothers masquerade with a stranger over line. . Possibly this is what they wanted or this is the long running, but if im honest these guys have created something that far succeeds the first and the fairly negatively acclimated sequel.

What is great is the story- a prequel, pitted against the two soul girls as young-uns, and the passage of what arrogance parents have, the neglectful of what's real. The power of image, of performance, of levity, of assumption, and of ingenious wanting and profound goings to get the shot he needs, a min lead full of spirit love, gung-ho that you egg him on, also the innocence of lil' Katie and her sister. This film holds homage to many films to The Shining, but also cult classic The Wickerman crossed over with Blair Witch crossed over with Poltergeist and crossed over with something else, possibly Catfish, the humanity in it, that is clear the audiences eye, passion, humour, emotion, humanity in its right form being tortured.

The films true horror comes from the innocence and rapture of what this thing- this complex imaginary friend can do and will- Toby- Katies friend, so contorted and evil you can feel his presence of screen without the impact of visuals- which this film subtly uses to its greatest potential. Also the harm to these children, the ferocity is astounding, and me and my partner in crime kept turning to each other aghast saying "look at the budget" also in-between pushing off me, leaning, this leaning he does, comfort really, but to be honest it is scary, horrifyingly scary, the subtle bumps and jitters of the camera and boom mike are very well orchestrated and formatted into this film.

Full of low key performances, and astounding virility and nuance and power- hope to see Ariel Schulman

Henry Joost in the near future crating superior gold than this masterpieceThis has a banality that grabs you and tugs at you till you give a reaction and the final outcome is- regret- regret that you told Toby to fuck off as he will drag your arse right into that cupboard.


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