Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief Review

"It Pretty Much Sucked."

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief, shouldn't have been made. It sucks.

the story of this film goes like this: Percy has dyslexia, and it bothers him. He goes to a school, and one day on a field trip his sub. teacher asks him to walk into a room. He turns into a weird creature, and asks him for the lightning bolt. He finds out Poseidon is his dad, and that the Greek gods think he stole Zeus's weapon, the lightning bolt. So, if Percy and some friends dont return the bolt to Zeus in the next 10 days, Zeus will start war. Then, the adventure begins. Well actually, the stupidness, terrible direction, and effects begin.

the acting here sucks. Logan Lerman is okay, not terrible like the rest of the cast. Whoever plays Annabeth is terrible, and whoever plays Grover is terrible. The worst performance in the film is whoever plays Luke. His acting was laughable at times. Uma Thurman is just plain annoying from what shes in. I liked Pierce Brosnan in this movie. He produced the only good humor.

the direction is terrible. there are too many action scenes (which are all pointless), and the humor just isn't funny. and I hate how he tried to make this movie badass and other stupid shit.

the action scenes here are wannabe. They aren't entertaining, they don't use anything inventive, and they play the same music in all of the scenes here. they're also poorly shot, and the visuals are awful.

this movie has a ton of flaws. the pacing is terrible. all of the other aspects suck. also, they put stupid lines in random parts, and most of it doesn't have to do with the movie. Like, "FRENCH CONNECTION!!! BEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!! 1971, MAN!!!" That was when they were in the casino. they also in the book are 11 years old, and here they are 15 or something. They skipped the best part in the book as well.

Overall, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Lightning Thief sucks. It's terribly acted, lazily directed, and is heavily flawed otherwise. So do yourself a favor, and skip this shit.

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