Perfect Stranger Review

“Confused And Ridiculous Movie - One Of 2007's Worst”

February 11th, 2008

Another gimmick movie that exits only because it’s trying to deliver a clever twist surprise ending. In truth, all it does is waste two hours of your life. Why should we care about a surprise at the end of the film if the entire story up until the conclusion is pointless and not engaging? All we get is tedious plot advancement that wears thin and then all you’re left with is stupidity as you wait for that alleged surprise ending to be sprung. This movie started in a hole because of the baffling need to inject the usual hollywood liberal propaganda to start the movie. We pointlessly go from an evil and corrupt gay Republican Senator to whining about censoring flag draped coffins returning from Iraq to the real plot of this confused and ridiculous movie. I feel sorry for Halle Berry. This trash is on a sad par with Catwoman.


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