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A young man named Jody attends the funeral of his friend, the victim of a bizarre murder. Jody's younger brother, Mike, watches the funeral from a hillside through high-powered binoculars. After the guests have departed, Mike watches a funeral attendant put the unburied casket into a waiting hearse. Looking to expose the strange ongoings at the mortuary, Mike breaks in at night. There he discovers spectral creatures in habiting the embalming cellar. He also finds a silver sphere with razor-sharp protruding daggers that flies through the air and drains the blood from its victim's heads. Mike tells Jody what he found, and they join forces to discover the truth about Morningside Mortuary.

Phantasm News
Angus Scrimm, the Tall Man in Phantasm, Passes Away at 89Angus Scrimm, the Tall Man in Phantasm, Passes Away at 89
Phantasm director Don Coscarelli confirmed the death of Angus Scrimm, who is said to have passed peacefully surrounded by loved ones.
Phantasm 4K Restoration Overseen by J.J. Abrams & Bad RobotPhantasm 4K Restoration Overseen by J.J. Abrams & Bad Robot
Director Don Coscarelli has been working with J.J. Abrams on a new 4K restoration of the 1979 classic Phantasm.
Our Latest Installment of The Anchor Bay Horror Show!
This month we cover Noein, Vol. 3 and Phantasm, among others.
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We give all the info on system specs and special features you could ever want to know.
Phantasm Special Edition Hits DVD April 10!
Re-Animator Special Edition comes to stores March 20.
New Line Cinema brings back Phantasm
...with a plan to relaunch the franchise
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