Phase 7 (2011)

Phase 7 Poster
Release Date
Nicolás Goldbart
Daniel Hendler, Jazmín Stuart, Yayo Guridi, Federico Luppi, Carlos Bermejo, Abian Vainstein

Phase 7 Synopsis

Mixes satire, humor, horror and social commentary in a way that reminds viewers of the arch Shaun of the Dead and the savvy claustrophobia of [rec]. In the film, Coco (Hendler) has just moved to a new apartment with his wife Pipi (Stuart), who’s seven months pregnant. At first, they don’t seem to notice the growing chaos around them, but when authorities quarantine their building after a deadly pandemic breaks out, Coco joins forces with his off-kilter, but well-prepared and stocked next-door neighbor Horacio to defend his refrigerator and keep Pipi safe. Meanwhile, outside the building, Buenos Aires—and the world as the apartment denizens know it, is disappearing. The world is ending; got ammo?

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