Pineapple Express Review

“"Best Fucking Friends Forever. (BFFF.)"”

January 14th, 2009

Pineapple Express is definetly up in the "mile High club" if you know what I mean! Getting high Is practically the shit in this laugh out loud high comedy. It stars Seth Rogen (Zack and Miri make a porno) and James Franco (Spiderman Series) as stoners. Franco (who plays Saul Silver in the movie) is a drug dealer and supplies Rogen (who plays Dale Denton in the movie) with all kinds of drugs (not cocaine) most likely marijuana kinds of drugs. The actors in the movie are brilliant, Seth Rogen has been in hysterical in the past three-four years with titles as "The 40 Year Old Virgin" "Knocked Up" "Superbad" and "Horton Hears A Who" Great comedy comes from Seth Rogen in all the films I have seen him in so far and I hope he can keep it up! As for James Franco he was powerful in "Milk" and also starred in "Spiderman 1,2,3" "Flyboys" and others. Director David Gordon Green directed this hysterical comedy. This well is a different kind of movie than he usually directs I'm pretty sure he mostly directed inde (independent) movies. He directed "Snow Angels" "Undertow" "All the Real Girls" and "George Washinton." Powerful directing and hilarious directing came from him. Some Effects put on this movie were rather bad but goodish. Fake and real that sorta thing!

Fanatic story to say. Denton's job is a process server. I don't like the fact that he sees a murder happen when he appearetly was about to serve someone, it's too obvious and predictable and has been used tons of times but the best part is that they rearrange it so it seems different well this for sure was different, just drug lords and two stoners in between a war of the drug lords (Asians vs. Ted Jones (who really is Gary Cole) army.) Very strange for that manner. And Saul is well a drug dealer so he stays home and gets high all day (LUCKY!) Until buzzes in and wants some drugs depending who they are they get special or just 'un'special. Drug addictive-ness and unlucky eye witnesses and drugs war is all what this funny comedy is all about and strange topic but great comedy to make out of it and the story well yeah fun and adventure kind of comedy with some drugs here and there.

Unbelievable comedy came from som great actors *sneez, Seth Rogen and James Franco.* The acting was absolutley brilliant and wonderful in many ways. Also there was one great name to add to the list, Danny R. McBride (not the black guy) who plays Red, he supplies Saul with marijuana. Actors and actresses were great, some of the actresses specificaly Rosie Perez (who plays carol the female cop) and Amber Heard (who plays Angie in the movie) were well both kinda bad and to be even more specific Rosie Perez, she plasy Carol the female corrupted may I add, cop. Not really good but still at times was... kinda. Also one of the drug lords Gary Cole I thought did a wonderful job and was well quite good in the movie, some of his TV show works I haven't seen but he did a great job in this actriony drug like comedy.

David Gordon Green did a fabulous job with directing the movie. Great with sound, screen views and more. Comedy fanatic and maven Judd Apatow produced/producted this funny comedy that with me ties up with "Tropic Thunder." David Gordon Scott well you know the movies he has directed as I had listed them in the begenning of the review has directed some really sucsessful movies in the inde industry. Maybe he also made (I'm not sure) a documentry that I think is "George Waashinton" maybe. If it isn't then well ok i was wrong but this and that is a awesome movie. Rousing movie with a rousing director and a rousing producer/production. A must see directed movie as well of just the movie.

Some easily seen props in parts of the movie but still were fake but still looked kinda real. CGI well I coudn't point it out well other than an explosion well one of them. To say, the sound in the movie well not too good for guns or at least I would say. Well S/FX were most likely used and were fantasticly put together. Visually this was a amazing movie. Loved the action, loved the explosions, loved the shooting and well loved everything, predictable here and there but eventually is unbelievabley awesome and funny. Seth Rogen delivers and James Franco pounds with a rousing visually amazing comedic genius such as Pineapple Express. Visuals equal Rousing. So that would give you a perfect Idea of what this hilarious movie visually will/would be.

A definete must see comedy of well this new and hopefully great year for other amazing and great movies will come out.


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