Piranha 3D Review

“The Previews Said Jaws. The Actual Movie Was Not; 85% Porn & 15% Action.”

October 14th, 2010

It was basically porn with killer piranhas. Amazing, it's another movie like The Ruins. The previews showed that it would be something like Jaws, with lots of action & huge piranhas ripping people apart. Blood. Gore. The movie was more like every other movie in that category. Minor action; major nudity/sex. Zero plot. Always "Spring Break" with stupid girls running around, fake breasts falling out of their bikinis, & screaming in terror. Ridiculous.


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  • ed-wood • 6 years ago

    It was no masterpiece but it was fun.


    • kguy • 6 years ago

      THE SAME THING I SAID!! Thank for agreeing!


      • MyCynicalCaress • 6 years ago

        It could have been an amazing movie. It had the potential. I just think directors are running out of ideas. So they throw in a few fake breasted naked women to get a man's attention & boom big hit.


        • dan1 • 6 years ago

          Coulda told you the movie was gratuitous and stupid just from the previews.


          • moviegeek • 6 years ago

            Haha, I agree with you. Funny review, but it's much too short.


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